Being Human Logo 'The Greater Good'

by John Jackson
Being Human Cast

With the electricity at the deactivated Archive about to be cut-off, Rook calls in the favour Hal that owes him, providing a place to stay for a hulking werewolf named Bobby, who has been sheltered at the facility for the last thirty-three years. Rook also warns Hal that his former colleague, Alan, and Crumb have formed an alliance and gone on a killing spree. While Tom takes Bobby under his wing, giving him a job at the Barry Grand Hotel and teaching him how to look after himself in a world has hasn’t seen for so long, Hal and Alex track down Crumb and Alex, currently partying in a flat strewn with blood, corpses and pizza boxes. When Hal offers to help the two vampires rehabilitate themselves, Crumb accepts, allowing himself and Alan to be tied to chairs in the cellar of 'Honolulu Heights'; unfortunately, the detox proves traumatic, and after seeing a visitation of his last victim, Crumb stakes Alan. Undaunted, Hal and Alex continue to help Crumb out of his bloodlust and into a regime to improve his mind and body; Crumb starts to feel good about himself, and even asks Alex out for a date – and to prove a point to Hal about still being able to enjoy a ‘life’ even though she is dead, Alex accepts. Returning from a disastrous attempt to secure funding from Chinese backers, Rook is impressed at the progress of Bobby and Crumb’s rehabilitations. However, as he makes to leave Rook is intercepted by the evil Captain Hatch, who manipulates the civil servant into agreeing to help his plan to expose the werewolf menace, by using Bobby to kill everyone in the hotel…

Kate Bracken (Alex), Michael Socha (Tom McNair), Damien Molony (Hal), Steven Robertson (Dominic Rook), Phil Davis (Captain Hatch), Colin Hoult (Crumb [Ian Cram]), Hamza Jeetooa (Alan), Ricky Grover (Bobby), Ruari Mears (Werewolf Tom), Feth Greenwood (Werewolf Bobby), Caitlin Richards (Hazel)

Directed by Daniel O'Hara
Produced by Polly Buckle
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
24th February 2013 @ 10:00 pm

*Featuring Tom McNair, Hal and Alex