Being Human Logo 'The Last Broadcast'

by Toby Whithouse
Being Human Cast

Captain Hatch has imprisoned Alex in her own coffin, buried deep in the ground with no way to ‘Rentaghost’ out; Hal has turned evil, slaughtering and then turning the patrons of a pub; and at the Barry Grand Hotel, Captain Hatch has driven the staff and guests to kill themselves in acts of bloody suicide. Now attired in his best suit, hat and cane, Captain Hatch steps out of the hotel and sets off to destroy the world… Alex manages to phase through her coffin, and after pulling herself through the earth and out of her grave, she vows to go after Hatch. Tom arrives at the pub and promptly kills Hal’s new recruits, before doing battle with his former-friend; however, before he can deliver the killing stake, Alex intervenes. When Alex explains Captain Hatch’s plans, Hal realises how they have been manipulated: the Devil feeds off the fight between vampires and werewolves, and can only be beaten if a ghost drinks a mix of werewolf and vampire blood – so no matter what their feelings are for each other now, the Trinity must stay together to carry out this ceremony, even if it means their own deaths in the process. Heading for the Barry Grand Hotel, Hal, Tom and Alex find the streets strewn with corpses, the results of Hatch’s handiwork; en route they encounter Rook, who, under duress, reveals that he has given Hatch the Emergency Broadcast Codes held by his department. With horror Hal, Alex and Tom realise that Hatch is planning to transmit his evil words to the entire world, inciting mass-suicide to bring about the apocalypse. The trio race to the Cardiff television studios, but they are too late: Hatch has already taken over a television studio and crew and is now speaking directly to the world’s population. Seeing his uninvited guests, Hatch calls an interlude and then offers Hal, Tom and Alex a deal: if they stop their fight against him, he will give them each a second chance at their humanity. Will Hal, Tom and Alex succumb to temptation and make a deal with the Devil, allowing him to destroy the whole of mankind…?

Kate Bracken (Alex), Michael Socha (Tom McNair), Damien Molony (Hal), Steven Robertson (Dominic Rook), Phil Davis (Captain Hatch), Toby Whithouse (Alistair Frith), Louis Mahoney (Leo), Gordon Kennedy (Brendan), Ellie Kendrick (Allison), Peter Dobbie (Newsreader)

Directed by Daniel O'Hara
Produced by Polly Buckle
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
10th March 2013 @ 10:00 pm

*Featuring Tom McNair, Hal and Alex