Being Human Logo 'Pie and Prejudice'

by Jamie Mathieson
Being Human Cast

With Patsy missing, Hal finds himself promoted to Acting Manager of the Barry Grand Hotel; meanwhile Tom is excited to meet their latest guest: television weatherman Larry Chrysler, now touring the country delivering inspirational speeches – and also a werewolf. Later that day, Hal pays a visit to his old friend Lady Mary, a posh Regency ghost haunting a stately home; to Hal’s annoyance Alex tags along, and the two spooks instantly hit it off. But after Hal leaves, Alex is astonished to learn that Lady Mary is actually as coarse as she is; and after they spend a night out at a club, Alex fears for the woman’s sanity… The following morning, after the full moon, Tom finds Larry sneaking into the hotel while wearing in a dress; when Tom reveals that he too is a werewolf, Larry offers to teach him all he knows about self-motivation. Back at ‘Honolulu Heights’, Alex tries in vain to convince Hal that Lady Mary’s many years on Earth have left her a total frothing loon, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Tom and his new house guest. Over the next few day’s Larry’s influence over Tom grows: he makes him wear his suit, lend him money, and even vandalise his ex-wife’s car. Elsewhere, Dominic Rook struggles to deal with the closure of his department; with no life outside work, he decides to shoot himself… With Larry now outstaying his welcome, Hal tells Tom how his mentor was sacked from his TV job six months ago. Tom finally confronts Larry, but the faded television star responds by shattering his apprentice’s hopes of bettering himself; distraught, Tom runs away from home... Learning that Lady Mary has been turning down doors for the sake of Hal, mistakenly believing that she is his last victim for two hundred and fifty years, Alex convinces her to tell Hal; she then makes Hal reveal his murderous past to Lady Mary – a revelation that the unstable ghost doesn’t take at all well…

Kate Bracken (Alex), Michael Socha (Tom McNair), Damien Molony (Hal), Steven Robertson (Dominic Rook), Julian Barratt (Larry Chrysler), Amanda Hale (Lady Mary), Toby Whithouse (Alistair Frith), Ruari Mears (Werewolf)

Directed by Philip John
Produced by Polly Buckle
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
17th February 2013 @ 10:00 pm

*Featuring Tom McNair, Hal and Alex