Doctor Who Logo 'Beyond The Sun'
by Matthew Jones
Jacket Illustration

Bernice Summerfield has drawn the short straw. Instead of enjoying the pleasures of intergalactic conferences and highbrow lecture tours, she's been forced to take two overlooked freshers on their very first dig. To make matters worse, her no-good ex-husband, Jason, turns up claiming that he is in deadly danger. Unfortunately, Benny starts to believe him only after he has already been kidnapped from his hotel room.

Feeling guilty, she sets out to rescue him. After all, she knows no one else is going to. Her only clue is a dusty artefact that Jason claimed was part of an ancient and powerful weapon. But Professor Bernice Summerfield Ph. D. knows that's obviously nonsense. She's been an archaeologist long enough to know that lost alien civilisations do not go around leaving their powerful weapons lying around for any old nutter to find.

Once again Benny finds herself all that stands between Jason and his own mistakes. She must try to prevent a terrible and somewhat unlikely weapon from falling into the wrong hands - a weapon rumoured to have powers beyond the sun.

*Featuring Benny and Jason, and introducing Emile Mars-Smith

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel

*Also available as an Audio Adventure from Big Finish Productions, but which is apocryphal to the ‘Doctor Who’ timeline