Doctor Who Logo 'The Boy That Time Forgot'
(4 Parts)

by Paul Magrs
Jacket Illustration

A lost world. A prehistoric civilisation. A dark secret.

The Doctor and Nyssa find themselves transported from Victorian London back to the dawn of time, accompanied by debonair adventurer Rupert Von Thal and no-nonsense novelist Beatrice Mapp. Together these unlikely heroes must brave primitive jungles and battle ravening insects as they make their way to the city of the giant scorpions, ruled over by...

The Boy That Time Forgot.

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Andrew Sachs (The Scorpion King [Adric]), Harriet Walter (Mrs Beatrice Mapp), Adrian Scarborough (Rupert Von Thal), Oliver Senton (Kranlee / Lohkaar / Grandfather Scorpion / Professor Quandry), Claire Wyatt (Madam Teegarna / Grandmother Scorpion / Brenda), John Pickard (Thomas Brewster)

Directed by Barnaby Edwards

*Featuring the the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Thomas, and reintroducing Adric

*A Big Finish Audio Production