Cover A 'Angel and Faith':
'Family Reunion'

(Part 1)

by Christos Gage
Cover B

Willow has arrived with the Slayer Sword, and to Angel and Faith’s surprise, she agrees to help use it to resurrect Giles; however, in return Willow wants her friends’ help: she has a plan to bring back magic to the world – by using Angel’s son, Connor. Willow explains that Connor is the only person who can still access the dimension of Quor’toth, and if he can get her there too, she can hop to other dimensions in the hope of finding one that still has magic. Angel reluctantly agrees, and, after leaving Lavinia and Sophronia house-sitting, the trio fly out to Los Angeles, where they are welcomed by their old friend, Gunn. As the gang drive to Connor’s high school, Angel is apprehensive about how his reunion with his estranged son will go – but when they arrive, he is pleasantly surprised...

Art by Rebekah Isaacs
Coloured by Dan Jackson
Lettered by Richard Starkins and Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

*Featuring Angel and Faith

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, June 2012