Cover A 'Angel and Faith':
'Daddy Issues'

(Part 2)

by Christos Gage
Cover B

After learning how Drusilla’s use of the Lorophage Demon has restored her sanity, Angel and Faith hear of her misguided plan to cure everyone – a treatment that will eventually kill all those it allegedly ‘heals’. Returning home, Faith is astonished to find her estranged father waiting outside for her; Faith’s reception is hostile, but Angel persuades her to give the man a chance to redeem himself. Leaving the two of them alone, Angel visits the site where he once sired Drusilla, and is surprised to find her there waiting for him. Drusilla offers to help heal her master, as she knows of the terrible lengths he is resorting to in his efforts to resurrect Giles…

Art by Rebekah Isaacs
Coloured by Dan Jackson
Lettered by Richard Starkins and Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

*Featuring Angel and Faith

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, February 2012