Buffy Logo 'Apocalypse Memories'

by Nancy Holder
Jacket Illustration


Willow is back in Sunnydale, but she is terrified. She knows her powers will be needed soon. But she’s afraid that if she uses them, it’s back to being the Big Bad. She can feel something strange happening, but the other Scoobies don’t seem to notice. Everybody’s dealing with their own issues – Buffy’s got a new crush, Dawn and Buffy have been bickering, and Xander’s intent on getting Willow to use her magicks again.

Willow’s instincts are right on. A wolf in sheep’s clothing has set of a series of freakish events: rivers running with blood, flash storms, and the arrival of an unbelievable supernatural being. The apocalypse has begun. While the world falls to pieces around them, the Scoobies – including Giles, back from England – have to decide what is most important to them. There’s one last hope: a secret spell with dangerous side effects. But is Willow ready it use her powers?

*Featuring Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow and Giles

*Published by Pocket Books