Cover A
'Own It'
(Part 4: 'Vengeance')

by Christos Gage
Cover B

At the Hell Dimension Head Office of Vengeance LLC., D’Hoffryn explains his plan to his team: he plans to make his fellow Vengeance demons unstoppable by using the ‘Vampyr’ book to remove the limitation of their reliance on mortals. However, his attempts to write in the book are rejected – Buffy’s plan to make all her allies believe that D’Hoffryn cannot write in the book has worked! In fury D’Hoffryn and his gang take the fight to Buffy, tearing the top off the Scoobies’ apartment just as they are preparing for battle. The fight is short and Buffy and her friends are easily defeated; and when Xander bravely steps up to apologise to the ghost of ‘Anya’, she turns him to dust…

Art by Rebekah Isaacs
Coloured by Dan Jackson
Lettered by Richard Starkins and Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

*Featuring Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Giles and Spike

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, July 2016