Cover A
'The Long Way Home'
(Part II)

by Joss Whedon
Cover B

Giles oversees a disappointing training session between Buffy and her multitude of Slayers. Andrew gets carried away during an evening’s team briefing. Xander discusses sibling rivalry while Dawn has a bath. The military send Amy in to deal with Buffy, but the witch only succeeds in sending the Slayer’s mind into a nightmarish dreamland before being discovered by Xander and a squad of Slayers – and so Amy responds by unleashing a hoard of undead Scottish zombies upon the castle…

Penciled by Georges Jeanty
Inked by Andy Owens
Coloured by Dave Stewart
Lettered by Richard Starkins and Comicraft's Jimmy
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Giles, Dawn and Willow

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, April 2007