Cover A
(Part 2)

by Andrew Chambliss
Cover B

Buffy and Kennedy learn that Theo Daniels’ social-networking site, TinCan, provides Wolfram and Hart the means to travel between their demon-dimension and Earth, using special coding embedded into the website’s software. When Daniels discovered how he had been manipulated he decided to shut down TinCan’s servers, prompting the evil law firm to put out a hit on him. Encouraging Daniels to go through with his decision, Buffy turns to Koh for help in breaking into the TinCan head office. Sneaking inside the building, Buffy, Kennedy, Theo and Koh they quickly encounter a Teuth demon assassin sent to stop them; the Slayers manage to deal with their deadly, multi-tentacled foe and get Theo to the server room – only to face an unexpected betrayal...

Penciled by Georges Jeantys
Inked by Nathan Massengill
Coloured by Michelle Madsen
Lettered by Richard Starkins and Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

*Featuring Buffy

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, August 2012