Buffy Logo 'Carnival of Souls'

by Christopher Golden
and Nancy Holder
Jacket Illustration


Thereís something troubling about Professor Calligariís Travelling Carnival. Perhaps itís that no one can recall the arrival of its hard-to-miss caravan of old-style wagons, its countless performers, and horse-drawn carts. Maybe itís the creepy calliope music that tirelessly beckons visitors. Letís face it, an enigma that chooses Sunnydale nearly guarantees itís up to more than wholesome family entertainment.

After a visit to the carnivalís Hall of Mirrors, a once-shy pair of homely sophomore twins parades the halls of Sunnydale High like diva supermodels on a runway. Intuiting the twinsí abrupt personality change as more than a self-confidence boost, Buffy Ė joined by Angel, Giles, and the rest of the Scoobies Ė decides to investigate the suspicious carnival firsthand. But soon itís apparent that the price of admission is higher than she imagined. Those who enter the carnivalís attractions exitÖ changed. Each of the gang displays extreme displays of vice. Willow is wracked with envy. Cordeliaís greed consumes her. Xander unleashes his gluttony. Angel reveals a lusty new persona. And a dark anger rises in Giles. But itís Buffyís now-blinding pride that threatens to overpower her, and in the process destroy those she lovesÖ

*Featuring Buffy, Angel, Giles, Xander, Willow and Cordelia

*Published by Pocket Books