Buffy Logo 'Conversations With Dead People'
Story Code '7ABB07'

by Jane Espenson
and Drew Goddard

While Buffy patrols, Willow visits the University library, Dawn stays at home, Spike hangs out at ‘The Bronze’ - and Andrew and Jonathan return to Sunnydale, hoping to absolve themselves of the crimes they committed, and to put an end to the demonic nightmares that they have been experiencing. Alone in the Summers house, Dawn hears some strange banging noises and then finds that the television refuses to change channels, and even stays on after she unplugs it. After all the electrical appliances inexplicably spring into life Dawn is forced to smash them all; she then hears the voice of her dead mother. Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Buffy battles a newly-risen vampire, but when the creature recognises her from High School they break off their battle and spend some time talking. As Buffy explains to Holder what a vampire does, and that she is the Slayer, the two of them begin an oddly therapeutic chat about Buffy’s fear of commitment and disastrous relationships, in which she admits that her last relationship was confusing and complex, and has left her emotionally decimated. However, just as Buffy and Holden reach an uneasy truce the vampire sucker-punches Buffy and they begin fighting once more. In the library, Willow is confronted by the ghost of Cassie, who claims to be in contact with Tara, explaining that Tara cannot be there herself due to Willow’s vicious behaviour following her death. Cassie tells Willow that she must never use magic again, and although Willow assures her that she will never practice black magic any more, Cassie tells her that Willow will be responsible for everyone’s death. Equipped with excavation equipment and architectural plans, Jonathan and Andrew break into Sunnydale High to find the Seal of Danzalthar; once found, they then plan to tell Buffy, help her save Sunnydale, and in the process achieve their redemption. But unknown to Jonathan, Andrew is being driven by the ghost of Warren, whose ultimate plan is far different from Jonathan’s: Warren plans to become a god. He tells Andrew where to find the Seal, and the two boys begin digging. In the Summers house, Dawn calls out for her mother and sees flashes of Joyce with something menacing hovering over her. Dawn casts a spell to free her mother, and even though the creature fights back, she is eventually able to defeat it. Joyce appears amongst the wreckage of the living room and tells Dawn that Buffy will not choose her, but will instead be against her; she then fades away. At the library, Cassie tells Willow that if she cannot stop using magic she should kill herself, that way she will be with Tara in the afterlife. Willow stands up to her, prompting Cassie to reveal that she is actually the evil that has been foretold. Realisation hits Willow and she repeats the warning she heard earlier: “From beneath you, it devours”; ‘Cassie’ assures her that there is no ‘it’, it is her, before vanishing. In the cemetery, Buffy and Holden continue to talk and fight, and when Buffy talks about Spike, Holden tells her that he is familiar with the name. After Andrew and Jonathan manage to uncover the Seal of Danzalthar Andrew suddenly stabs Jonathan; the dying boy collapses onto the Seal spilling his blood upon it, and causing it to light up. Meanwhile, Spike has been busy wooing a young lady at ‘The Bronze’; after he walks her home he transforms into a vampire and begins to drink from her. At the same moment, Holden reveals to Buffy that Spike is the vampire that sired him…

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), James Marsters (Spike), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), Danny Strong (Jonathan), Tom Lenk (Andrew), Adam Busch (Warren), Jonathan M. Woodward (Holden Webster), Azura Skye (Cassie), Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers), Stacey Scowley (Young Woman)
Directed by Nick Marck

TX (US): 5th November 2002

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya and Dawn