Buffy Logo 'Doppelgängland'
Story Code '3ABB16'

by Joss Whedon

Desperate to end her time as a mortal, former vengeance demon Anyanka begs a demon to create a temporal fold to enable her to retrieve her amulet, but the demon refuses. Meanwhile, Willow’s powers as a witch are improving: she can now float pencils using her emotional control, although when Buffy mentions Faith, the pencil spins out of control. Buffy remarks that she and Faith are to be tested by the Watchers Council. The next day, Willow informs Buffy and Giles that Principal Snyder has instructed her to tutor one of the school’s football players, Percy West; they are met by Faith and a breathless Wesley, returning from a workout. Faith tries to engage Willow in conversation, but she obviously does not want to talk to her. Later, the Mayor shows Faith - ‘his’ Slayer - the new apartment he has got for her, and they discuss killing Willow. The following morning, Willow meets with Percy for their tutoring session, but he remarks that Snyder said that she should write his paper and he will just sign it. Buffy and Xander tease Willow about her calm and predictable manner; she gets angry and storms off, only to be stopped by Anya, who has heard that Willow is a witch and needs her help in casting a spell to retrieve her lost necklace. Willow is thrilled to be asked to do witchcraft, and they perform the spell. However, during the casting Willow is overcome with images from the alternate dimension that Cordelia had created; she pours sacred sand over herself instead of a representation of the necklace, causing the Vampire Willow to be pulled into this dimension instead. Finding herself in a Sunnydale full of happy, unthreatened people, a confused Vampire Willow makes her way to ‘The Bronze’. Here she meets Percy, who demands to know why she is not doing his homework; as the vampire begins to choke him, Xander intervenes, but Vampire Willow is disappointed to learn that he is not a vampire. When Buffy arrives, she and Xander are stunned to see Willow assume a vampire-face. Vampire Willow is attacked by the two vampires sent by the Mayor to kill the real Willow, but she brings them under her control and decides to make ‘The Bronze’ her lair. Believing that their taunting has made Willow careless and that she has been attacked by a vampire, Buffy and Xander head for the library to tell Giles; when Willow subsequently walks in, they are ecstatic to discover that she is no longer a vampire after. At ‘The Bronze’, Oz and his band - Dingoes Ate My Baby - are setting up for a gig, while Anya is depressed that she cannot buy a beer. Just as Angel asks Oz if he has seen Buffy Vampire Willow and her vampires appear and take over. Angel sneaks out and finds Buffy, and is pleased to find Willow still alive. Vampire Willow attempts to capture Willow, but the witch manages to shoot her evil double with a tranquilliser gun, and locks her in the book-cage. The gang decide that the only way to diffuse the situation at ‘The Bronze’ is for Willow to dress up as Vampire Willow and lead the vampire outside where the gang can kill them. Willow tries to act ‘bad’ - but is not very convincing; back at the library, Cordelia finds Vampire Willow, and after giving her a lecture on boyfriend stealing, releases her; the creature chases her around the school, but is driven off by Wesley. Meanwhile, Willow is exposed as a fake vampire and a battle ensues between the Scooby Gang and the undead creatures; Vampire Willow arrives, but before she can kill Willow the others send her back to her own dimension, where she is promptly staked. Back in the real Sunnydale, Percy is now afraid of Willow, and has done all of his homework himself.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), David Boreanaz (Angel), Seth Green (Oz), Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles), Eliza Dushku (Faith), Harry Groener (Mayor Richard Wilkins III), Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder), Jason Hall (Devon), Ethan Erickson (Percy West), Andy Umberger (D'Hoffryn), Corey Michael Blake (Bartender), Megan Gray (Sandy), Michael Nagy (Alfonse), Norma Michael (Older woman), Jennifer Nicole (Willow's body double)
Directed by Joss Whedon

TX (US): 23rd February 1999
TX (UK - Sky One): 4th November 1999
TX (UK - BBC): 9th August 2000

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Oz, Cordelia, Faith and Angel