Buffy Logo 'Forever'
Story Code '5ABB16'

by Marti Noxon

Giles accompanies Buffy and Dawn to the funeral home to choose a casket for Joyce, an experience that unsettles the two girls. Later, Willow and Xander discuss funeral plans with Buffy, Giles and Dawn; Dawn is a little upset to hear that before her operation her mother and Buffy discussed possible funeral options, but did not tell her. She asks to stay with Willow and Tara after the funeral. Buffy has tried contacting their father, but he is unreachable. As Xander and Willow leave they run into Spike outside the house; Xander gets mad at him for showing up, despite Spike’s protestations that he really liked Joyce. The next day is Joyce’s funeral, a tough and sombre event for everyone. The ceremony ends and Buffy stands alone by her mother’s grave; she stays there until darkness falls, when she is joined by Angel. Willow and Tara are in their dorm room trying to talk to Dawn when the young girl brings up the possibility of casting a spell to bring her mother back; the two witches are adamant that such a thing cannot be done - there are far too many consequences. Dawn goes to bed in a huff. Buffy sits in Angel’s arms, and the two of them talk all night. Angel reminds Buffy how strong she is, and that they will get through this; Buffy asks him to stay with her, but they both realise that is not a good idea; they share a passionate kiss, and Angel leaves just as the sun rises. Jinx is waiting for Ben outside the hospital, informing him that Glory wants him to continue his courtship of the Slayer in order to find out what the Key is; Ben loses his temper and inadvertently lets it slip that the Key is an innocent. Hoping to prevent Glory learning this new fact about the Key, Ben is forced to stab Jinx. The next morning, Willow and Tara head for breakfast, while Dawn tells them she will sleep in until Giles collects her. As Willow leaves the room she uses magic to make a book slide partway out from its shelf; Dawn notices and looks through it, finding a chapter on resurrection spells. Later, at the ‘Magic Box’, Dawn tries to make herself useful, but this is simply a ruse so that she can steal some ingredients for her spell. That evening, she tries to cast the resurrection spell by her mother’s grave, but it fails to work; Spike arrives and offers to help, taking Dawn to an expert on resurrection spells; Dawn thinks he is doing this to try and impress Buffy, but Spike replies that he just does not like to see any Summers women suffer. Jinx has survived Ben’s attack, and makes his way back to Glory with the news that the Key is in human form; Glory is utterly thrilled with this information, which narrows her field of search somewhat. The sorcerer tells Dawn that to complete the spell she needs the egg of a Ghora demon and a picture of her mother; he gives her an incantation to repeat three times, instructing her that the only way to reverse the spell is to destroy the image of the deceased. As they leave Dawn offers to pay the man, but he refuses her offer, creeping Dawn out when his eyes turn jet black. Spike and Dawn find the demon’s lair, and while Spike distracts the three-headed monster Dawn steals one of its eggs. Tara notices that a book is missing from their room; knowing that it has resurrection spells in it, she becomes worried about what Dawn could do. She and Willow call Buffy, who bursts into Dawn’s room just as she is completing the spell. The two of them run downstairs, Dawn clutching the photo of her mother; Buffy is furious with her sister, but Dawn remarks that Buffy does not want her around - she has been so busy since Joyce died, and seems to have no time for her. Buffy breaks down in tears, telling Dawn that she has been trying so hard to keep things together, because when she has nothing to do the reality of Joyce’s death hits her; Buffy admits she has no idea what she is meant to do, because no one can take care of them now. As they talk, a lumbering shadow slowly drags itself past the window, and then something knocks at the door. Buffy rushes to see if it is their mother, but Dawn realises what is about to happen, and rips the picture of her mother. Buffy pulls open the door - but there is no-one there. In tears, the two sisters fall into each others arms.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), James Marsters (Spike), Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles), David Boreanaz (Angel), Amber Benson (Tara), Clare Kramer (Glory), Charlie Weber (Ben), Troy Blendell (Jinx), Joel Grey (Doc), Todd Duffey (Murk), Andrea Gall (Customer), Alan Henry Brown (Funeral Director), Zarius Dudley (Minister), Annie Talbot (Lady with Baby), Noor Shic (Lady with Rosary)
Directed by Marti Noxon

TX (US): 17th April 2001
TX (UK - Sky One): 27th April 2001

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Anya, Tara, Dawn and Angel