Buffy Logo 'Get it Done'
Story Code '7ABB15'

by Douglas Petrie

While everyone is asleep, Buffy walks through the house checking that they are okay; she sees Chloe crying, but before she can comfort her, the First Slayer appears and tells her that “It’s not enough” - Buffy wakes up in bed and is immediately disturbed by her vision. Meanwhile, Spike and Anya are on a drinking night out, complaining about their lack of space in the house; when their conversation then turns to their previous intimate encounter Spike is relieved when they are attacked by a demon sent by D’Hoffryn to kill Anya. Spike beats up the demon and takes Anya home. The next day, at Sunnydale High School, Buffy and Principle Wood discuss the recent rise in bad behaviour; Buffy puts it down to the Hellmouth, and is then surprised when Wood gives her a bag of Slayer items that once belonged to his mother. He tells her that it should have been handed down from Slayer to Slayer, but instead he kept it for himself. Buffy takes Wood home to see the Potentials in action; they discover that Andrew baking a cake and Kennedy putting the other Potentials through a rigorous training exercise in the garden. Willow brings weapons out for Kennedy and remarks that Wood is much nicer that Principle Snyder. After Wood requests to see Spike the two of them have an awkward conversation; Wood is attempting to elicit as much information from Spike as possible, although Spike is unable to determine why. Later that evening, Dawn and Buffy check in on the girls, and are shocked to find that find that Chloe has hanged herself. As they stare at the body, the other girls come to see what has happened; the First suddenly appears as Chloe, and tells them that she and Chloe had been talking all night; the demon was able to convince Chloe to kill herself, and believes that it will win no matter what they do. Later, Buffy buries Chloe’s body; the others are gathered in the living room when she returns, and when no-one has anything to say about Chloe, Buffy brutally declares that she and everyone else is weak - she has been carrying them all since they arrived, and no longer has any time for them. She even attacks the behaviour of her close friends’, shocking everyone. After Buffy then instructs Dawn to get the other girls upstairs and to open Wood’s emergency bag, she opens a locked box from the kit, and discovers that it contains a collection of shadow casters. While Dawn translates their story from an accompanying book, telling the story of the creation of the First Slayer, Xander sets up the casters one by one; Dawn reads the story of how men chained the first Slayer to the earth - and the onlookers suddenly hear the actual sounds of what happened. When the text changes to English Dawn says that to really understand what happened they have to make an exchange; a portal opens and Buffy promptly dives into it, as a giant demon appears and takes her place. While Buffy appears in the middle of a strange desert, the demon fights everyone and then escapes into the night. Willow decides to try and re-open the portal to bring Buffy back, but realises that they will have to retrieve the demon first, and so Spike goes after the monster. In the desert Buffy encounters three tribal shamen, whom she can somehow understand; they tell her that she is the last guardian of the Hellmouth, and can grant her the power to fight evil - before rendering her unconscious. Meanwhile, Willow uses some of her black magick to try and re-open the portal. Buffy wakes up and finds that she is now chained to the earth and the three men explain that they are the source of her power. A box opens before her, which contains the sprit and heart of a demon, which the shamen reveal is how the First Slayer was created; they now want Buffy to merge with the demon as well, but she struggles as the creature enters through her mouth and nose. When Spike retrieves his leather coat from the school basement, which Principal Wood seems to recognise. Using energy from Anya and Kennedy, Willow opens a portal, while in the cave, Buffy manages to break free of the chains and overpowers the three shamen; the last one tells Buffy that she cannot save the world without the power they are offering her, and passes on a vision to her. The portal opens, and Buffy jumps through, just as Spike pushes the demon through from his side of the rift. Later, Willow apologises to Kennedy for taking power from her, but Kennedy is concerned, as she finally realises the full extent of Willow’s power. Willow then checks on Buffy, who is grateful for being brought back, but she is worried that she may regret refusing the power that the shamen offered her - because the vision that she was given was of an endless army of Turok-Han, armed and ready to attack...

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), James Marsters (Spike), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles)
Directed by Douglas Petrie

TX (US): 18th February 2003

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn and Giles