Buffy Logo 'Primeval'
Story Code '4ABB21'

by David Fury

Buffy is unable to find Riley at Sunnydale High; meanwhile, Riley wonders why he has been drawn to Adam. The Initiative creation explains that Professor Walsh implanted him with a chip, which Adam then activated in order to carry out his plan. Riley tells Adam he will stop him, but when the monster orders him to sit, Riley immediately complies. Adam continues, telling Riley that Walsh had planned for them both to be part of a master race, one better than humans or demons. When Spike arrives and demands that Adam remove his chip, Adam instructs him to draw Buffy to the Initiative, where she will kill the demons held there before in turn being killed by Adam. He then orders Riley to be silent, and Spike goes to check that the Scooby gang are well and truly broken up. When Willow arrives at Giles’ house with Tara to collect her laptop and the discs they share an awkward moment, as none of them know what to say. In her room, Buffy assembles weapons for the fight to come. Anya arrives at Xander’s and finds him still in bed, feeling like a loser who has no future; she tells him it does not matter what his friends think, because she loves him. Buffy returns to the cave, but there is no sign of Adam. At that moment, Adam has taken Riley to a laboratory, explaining that this is where the new race will begin. Riley is shocked to see the re-animated corpse of Professor Walsh assisting a resurrected Doctor Angleman, as they both operate on a body; as Adam assures Riley that his fate is much worse that Walsh’s Forrest sits up on the operating table, brought back to life and now with demon body parts grafted onto him. Buffy encounters Spike in the caves, and the vampire asks if they have decoded the discs; when Buffy says no, Spike tells her that even if they have fallen out, they should work together on the discs. As Spike was not present at their fight, Buffy begins to put things together. In her dorm room, Willow is amazed when the discs begin to decode themselves, revealing information about the ‘Room 314 Objective’. After she, Buffy, Xander and Giles meet in the middle of the campus Buffy manages to make them realise that Spike planted all the ideas in their heads, but they are still left with doubts about their friendship. Buffy has figured out that Adam is planning on releasing the demons held in the Initiative in order to kill the humans working there, and that she is to be present to make sure there will be an even number of demons dead, leaving Adam with hundreds of body parts with which to build his new race. Buffy admits that Adam may be too powerful for her. As Professor Walsh prepares Riley for his operation Forrest informs Riley that he will be joining them soon. Back at Giles’, Willow, Buffy, Xander and Giles try to figure out how to destroy Adam; after Willow suggests casting a spell Xander sarcastically suggests they need someone with the strength of Buffy, the magic of Willow and the linguistic skills of Giles. To his surprise, Giles agrees with him. Later, as they break into the Initiative house, Giles explains that they are going to perform an enjoining spell, which will be powerful enough to destroy Adam, but will be very dangerous. As Willow and Buffy rappel down the elevator shaft they apologise to each other, and, on reaching the bottom, they have a hug. Moments later Xander joins them, and they are all happy to be together. They pry open the doors to the Initiative, only to be greeted with a squad of gun-wielding soldiers. Their arrest is watched by Adam and Spike on a set of monitor screens, and when he sees that Buffy’s friends are with her, Adam orders Forrest to tear off Spike’s head, but Spike narrowly escapes. Buffy tries to warn Colonel MacNamara that Adam is somewhere in the compound, but he assures her that every inch is under surveillance. The power then goes out, and the backup generators are unresponsive. From his lair, Adam opens the locks to the cages, releasing all the demons. After the Colonel leaves Buffy quickly overpowers their two guards; they watch the monitors and witness the battle going taking place in the complex. Willow uses schematics of the Initiative to try and find a way out, but instead finds where Adam’s lair must be, and so she and the others set out to find it; Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles make their way across the compound to a small laboratory, moving a cabinet to reveal a secret doorway to Adam’s lair. Buffy enters, telling Willow to barricade it behind her. Buffy finds Riley, but he is unable to speak; Adam emerges from the shadows and orders Forrest, Doctor Angleman and Professor Walsh to kill Buffy. While Willow, Xander and Giles begin performing the enjoining spell, Riley watches helplessly as Forrest punches Buffy, but he manages to cut open his chest and remove the controlling chip. The spell gains momentum as Giles and the others call upon the power of the First Slayer. Riley pulls the re-animating tubes from Walsh and Angleman, killing them, enabling Buffy to go after Adam; as they fight Buffy breaks off his bone-skewer, but Adam’s left arm transforms into a machine gun, and he opens fire on her. In a hail of bullets Buffy dives behind a console, just as the spell is completed sending the combined power of Willow, Xander and Giles rushing into Buffy’s body. Adam destroys the console, but Buffy calmly rises from the debris, speaking in Sumerian and her eyes now turned yellow from the magic; she calmly stops Adam’s bullets with a force field. Meanwhile, Riley ignites a canister hydrogen gas, destroying Forrest in a fiery explosion. Buffy telepathically deactivates Adam’s weaponry and then pins him to the wall, ripping his uranium heart from his chest, destroying him. As Riley watches Buffy levitates the uranium into the air, and it vanishes. As the spell wears off Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles collapse; a demon almost gets to Xander, Willow and Giles, but Spike saves them. Buffy and Riley emerge from the lab, Buffy instructing the others to get the soldiers out of there; they all work together to escape the chaos now raging inside the Initiative. Later, in a darkened room, some men discuss the Initiative. One comments that it was an experiment representing the government’s interest in the demon world, but it failed, and it was only due to Buffy and Riley that some men were saved. All records of the Initiative are to be destroyed, and the compound itself to be burned to the ground, filled with concrete, and the earth salted.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Marc Blucas (Riley Finn), James Marsters (Spike), Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles), George Hertzberg (Adam), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Amber Benson (Tara), Leonard Roberts (Forrest Gates), Bailey Chase (Graham Miller), Jack Stehlin (Doctor Angleman), Conor O’Farrell (Colonel McNamara), Lindsay Crouse (Professor Maggie Walsh), Bob Fimiani (Ward), Jordi Vilasuso (Dixon)
Directed by James A. Contner

TX (US): 16th May 2000
TX (UK - Sky One): 26th May 2000
TX (UK - BBC): 5th April 2001

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Riley, Anya and Tara