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Story Code '7ABB16'

by Jane Espenson

Andrew sits by a roaring fireplace, ready to tell us a heroic tale of Buffy, Slayer of Vampires; however, the illusion is then stripped away to reveal him sitting huddled in the bathroom in front of a camcorder while Anya bangs at the door. Andrew tells Anya that he is recording Buffy’s story, and possibly her last fight. Later, in the basement, Andrew talks to camera, trying to preserve a sense of Buffy’s heroism and explaining everything that has happened so far concerning the Bringers and the First. When everyone prepares their breakfast in the kitchen Andrew attempts to coerce them into saying something about Buffy, although the Slayer herself is uninterested in what he is trying to do; Andrew explains what everyone’s purpose is, and when he talks about Buffy, he envisions her as a windswept goddess being kissed by a shirtless Spike. While Buffy tells everyone about the vision that the shamen gave her concerning the Turok-Han, Andrew tells the camera about his previous role as Buffy’s nemesis and leader of the evil trio; he then introduces Dawn to camera, explaining that she used to be the Key but is now normal. Walking through the house Andrew is apparently pleased to see Willow and Kennedy making out, worried that they might have problems about Willow’s magical powers; however, he is actually more interested in the workmanship of Xander’s carpentry on the window frame behind them. He recounts the time Willow spent evil, and how he managed to defeat her. Buffy goes to work at the High School but finds that the place has become a nightmare, with students becoming invisible, talking to possessed mirrors, and throwing rocks at the Principal. While Wood talks to Buffy one of the students’ head explodes; Buffy realises that something big is happening inside the school, and that the Seal must be responsible. Meanwhile, Xander and Anya are talking to Andrew about Buffy for his documentary when he brings up their wedding, noting that now would have been their first anniversary; as he questions them about their feelings for one another Xander admits that he still loves Anya. Buffy and Robin discover that the Seal has been uncovered, but as Robin examines it closely he becomes possessed by something demonic; Buffy knocks him down before he can hurt her and he quickly returns to normal. Buffy surmises that they need to involve Andrew, because he was the one that originally opened the Seal. In the basement of the Summers’ house, Spike reacts angrily to the camera - and then goes for a re-take when it goes wrong. Xander and Anya discuss the possible feelings that remain between them, unaware that Andrew has left the camera secretly recording; Andrew later replays their conversation, totally wrapped up in their emotions, which he has watched so many times that he is able to mouth Anya’s words to Xander; Robin and Buffy then appear and tell him they need to discuss the Seal. Back at the school, five students kneel around the Seal and begin chanting an incantation that causes the Seal to glow. Willow uses a crystal to probe Andrews’ memories, causing him to recalls the time that he and Jonathan were on the run: the two of them are sleep in a bed in Mexico when they share the same dream about the Bringers and the death of the Potentials. They awake, and while Jonathan goes to the bathroom, the First visits Andrew in the guise of Warren. When Andrew shows the First the knife it wanted him to buy it tells him that he must use it to kill Jonathan because his blood is a powerful tribute; Andrew is unsure, but the First reminds him that they will be made gods. Andrew tells Buffy that the knife is in their kitchen drawer; he translates the writing on the knife, which Willow then researches on the Internet. Buffy takes Andrew to the school accompanied by Wood and Spike. While Spike and Robin guard the door, Buffy and Andrew enter the basement, and on their way down Buffy attempts to get the truth about Jonathan’s death from Andrew, but he keeps changing his story. They reach the Seal and find the five students still there, their faces carved with symbols just like the Bringers. At the Summers house, Xander and Anya have just slept together one last time, although Xander does not seem so sure. Buffy defeats the new Bringers and tells Andrew that Willow discovered that his blood will close the Seal; she holds him over it, forcing him to acknowledge that he murdered his best friend. Andrew breaks down in tears, begging Buffy not to kill him, but as his tears fall onto the Seal it stops glowing. Buffy lets Andrew go, relieved that Willow’s plan worked, although when Andrew asks her what she would have done if it had failed Buffy has no answer for him. Back home, Andrew talks to camera, admitting that he killed Jonathan, and acknowledging that he probably will not survive the next fight - and perhaps does not deserve to…

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris), Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), James Marsters (Spike), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles)
Directed by Marita Grabiak

TX (US): 25th February 2003

*Featuring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn and Giles