Doctor Who Logo 'The Cannibalists'
(2 Parts)

by Jonathan Morris
Jacket Illustration

The Haven hangs in space. A vast star city, devoid of life. Organic life, that is. From their high spire, looking out over silent streets and empty plazas, the Assemblers are waiting for the day when the humans arrive. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting…

When the TARDIS brings the Doctor and Lucie to the Haven, it seems like Assemblers’ long wait might be over. Living beings! Without batteries! Protocol be praised!

Except – they’re headed for the lower levels. They don’t want to do that. That’s where the Cannibalists live. And if the Cannibalists catch them – well, they won’t be living beings much longer…

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Phil Davies (Titus), Phill Jupitus (Servo), Nigel Lambert (Domitian / Diode), Teddy Kempner (Macrinus / Crusher), Oliver Senton (Probus / Ripper), Charlotte Fields (Minerva), Beth Chalmers (Elevator Voice)

Directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucie

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Working title: 'Death Metal'

*Each episode was available for download from the 'Big Finish' website every Saturday, before being released on CD (Part 1 on 16th May 2009, Part 2 on 23rd May 2009)