New Captain Scarlet Logo 'Duel'
by Phil Ford
Captain Scarlet

Following a tip-off that the Mysterons are about to obtain a deadly nerve agent, Spectrum attempts to break up the exchange as it takes place on a New York rooftop; however, the agent buying the weapon makes off in a helijet, while the courier speeds away on a motorbike. Avoiding heavy gunfire, Scarlet follows the jet on his Skyrider, while Captain Blue and Captain Ochre pursue and capture the biker in their Cheetah RRV. After a high-speed chase through skyscrapers, Scarlet manages to climb aboard the helijet and secure the canister, dealing with the Mysteron agents in the process. However, when the retrieved canister of nerve agent is taken back to Skybase for inspection, it is discovered that it merely contains nitrous oxide: laughing gas; furthermore, the agents involved in the exchange were humans, in league with the Mysterons. Realising that they have been duped, Scarlet heads to Egypt to question their informant, Zuca over his apparent double-cross; the Egyptian confesses that he only learned that his information was a decoy after he passed it on, and reveals that the Mysterons’ real target is the lunar holiday camp ‘Tranquility’. Realising that this is where Destiny and Lieutenant Green are taking their vacation, Scarlet sets off to warn them – unaware that Zuca is really a Mysteron replicant sending him into a trap. On the moon, Destiny and Green arrange for Tranquility’s evacuation by sending its holidaymakers out on lunar excursions while ‘routine maintenance’ is carried out; they are then joined by Scarlet and Blue, who have left Ochre and Magenta to deal with a distress call from one of Tranquility’s excursion vehicles. However, when Tranquility’s communications are jammed and contact is lost with Ochre and Magenta, Scarlet sets off in his Bison vehicle to investigate; he finds their Bison out on the lunar surface – now with Captain Black aboard. The Mysteron agent reveals that Scarlet has fallen into his trap – and now the two of them must face off in a duel to the death…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green), Nigel Plaskitt (Captain Black), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel)

Directed by Dominic Lavery
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

5th November 2005 - shown in two parts within 'Ministry of Mayhem'

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Captain Magenta, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green and Destiny Angel