Captain Scarlet Logo 'Fire at Rig 15'
by Bryan Cooper
Captain Scarlet Cast

"We intend to immobilise the whole of Spectrum."

Surmising that the Mysterons' latest threat - to immobilise the whole of Spectrum - refers to the Spectrum oil refinery at Bensheba, Colonel White sends Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue to safeguard Rig 15. However, the Mysterons’ interference causes a blow-out at the rig, and when fire control expert Jason Smith attempts to cap the inferno, he is killed and retrometabolised into becoming a Mysteron agent. Captain Black then instructs him to destroy the refinery...

Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Donald Gray (Captain Black / Voice of the Mysterons), Paul Maxwell (Captain Grey), Charles Tingwell (Doctor Fawn), Sylvia Anderson (Melody Angel), David Healy (Jason Smith), Gary Files (Charlie Hansen), Jeremy Wilkin (Kinley), Martin King (Oil Worker)

Directed by Ken Turner
Produced by Reg Hill
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
February 16th, 1968 @ 5.25 pm - 5.55 pm

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Green, Captain Grey, Doctor Fawn, Melody Angel and Captain Black