New Captain Scarlet Logo 'Instrument of Destruction'
(Part 1)
by Phil Ford
Captain Scarlet

Dateline: the day after tomorrow. When a mysterious extraterrestrial signal is detected emanating from Mars, the world security organisation known as Spectrum sends agents Captain Scarlet and Captain Black to investigate. Reaching the red planet, the two men leave their ship and head for the surface in their Bison Alien Terrain Vehicle, where they soon discover the source of the signals: a huge alien city, which materialises into visibility before them. The aliens despatch a probe to examine the Earth vehicle, but Black assumes it to be hostile, and fires a burst of missiles which destroys the entire city. However, the alien buildings immediately reform, and the city’s inhabitants, the Mysterons, immediately retaliate by killing Black and declaring war on Earth. Scarlet manages to return to Earth with Black’s body, which receives a hero’s burial; the ceremony is a sombre one, attended by Black’s colleagues and his bereaving girlfriend, Destiny Angel. Later, the head of Spectrum, Colonel White, calls a meeting to discuss the Mysteron threat. But the aliens then take over Captain Scarlet to act as their instrument of destruction - and Scarlet’s first act is to disable the engines that keep Spectrum’s mighty Skybase aloft…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Captain Blue / Captain Grey / Skybase Engineer), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel), Mike Hayley (Colonel White / Voice of the Mysterons / Narrator), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Shuttle Computer / Skybase Control), Nigel Plaskitt (Captain Black / Doctor Gold / Hank McGill), Julia Brahms (Captain Ochre), Jeremy Hitchen (Captain Magenta)

Directed by David Lane
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

12th February, 2005 - shown in two parts within 'Ministry of Mayhem'

*Introducing Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Captain Black, Captain Ochre, Captain Grey, Captain Magenta, Captain Orange, Doctor Gold and Destiny Angel