New Captain Scarlet Logo 'Rain of Terror'
by John Brown
Captain Scarlet

On a snowy mountain pass, Captain Black triggers an avalanche and destroys a truck containing a revolutionary new chemical compound. Some time later, in the African desert, Captain Scarlet assists Professor Susan Todd of Hydra Laboratories with an experimental rainmaking project. After the Angel Interceptors release a special chemical into the atmosphere a mass of water-heavy clouds quickly forms, and rain begins to fall onto the dry desert plain below. Todd is ecstatic, and dances in triumph in the downpour. She and Scarlet return to Skybase to meet up with Todd’s colleague, Professor Vandamm, but when Todd boards Spectrum headquarters she begins to hallucinate; now displaying signs of paranoia, Todd pulls a gun, shoots Colonel White in the arm, and takes Vandamm hostage, demanding to be taken off Skybase immediately. Destiny Angel tries to overpower Todd, but in the confusion the scientist falls from a walkway to her death. Vandamm attributes his colleague’s bizarre behaviour to overwork, but White is suspicious, and instructs Scarlet to investigate the test site, while he returns to Hydra Laboratories with Vandamm. Scarlet plays back the recording of the experiment and discovers that a pack of meercats was also exposed to the rain; he soon finds the animals, but they have all been killed by one of their number, which is now inexplicably crazed with fear. Scarlet warns White that the Mysterons have somehow taken over Hydra’s experiment, and if the next test goes ahead, then thousands of people will start massacring each other. But before White can act he is knocked out by Vandamm’s new assistant – none other than Captain Black. With no one to stop it, Hydra’s Condor airplane takes off on a mission to seed the atmosphere with the Mysteronised rainmaking chemicals…

Wayne Forester (Captain Scarlet), Robbie Stevens (Theo Vandamm / Condor Pilot), Mike Hayley (Colonel White), Jules de Jongh (Lieutenant Green / Professor Susan Todd), Nigel Plaskitt (Doctor Gold / Captain Black / Hydra Control), Emma Tate (Destiny Angel)

Directed by Mark Woollard
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

9th April, 2005 - shown in two parts within 'Ministry of Mayhem'

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Destiny Angel, Doctor Gold and Captain Black