Captain Scarlet Logo 'Renegade Rocket'
by Ralph Hart
Captain Scarlet Cast

"We are going to launch one of your own incendiary rockets, and you will have no way of knowing its target.”

Major Reeves is assigned by Spectrum to Base Concord, but he is then drowned and replaced by a Mysteronised agent. Arriving at the base Reeves is able to launch a Variable Geometry Rocket, before managing to escape with the flight panel and target information. Without the destruct mechanism the missile cannot be stopped, and so the Angels are sent to track him down; meanwhile, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue arrive at Base Concord - only to discover that the rocket's target is the base itself...

Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Donald Gray (Captain Black / Voice of the Mysterons), Liz Morgan (Rhapsody Angel), Sylvia Anderson (Melody Angel), Lian Shin (Harmony Angel), Gary Files (Major Reeves), Charles Tingwell (Base Concord Controller), Paul Maxwell (Commander), Martin King (Sergeant / Airstrip Voice), Jeremy Wilkin (Captain / Security Man)

Directed by Brian Burgess
Produced by Reg Hill
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
January 19th, 1968 @ 5.25 pm - 5.55 pm


*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Rhapsody Angel, Melody Angel, Harmony Angel and Captain Black