Captain Scarlet Logo 'Treble Cross'
by Tony Barwick
Captain Scarlet Cast

“We intend to destroy the World Navy complex at Atlantica.”

July 7th, 2068: Spectrum celebrates is first anniversary by holding a party; however, unknown to the revellers, their non-alcoholic champagne has been Mysteronised! Following the next Mysteron threat, Captain Blue and Captain Ochre fly a V17 Air Force bomber in order to destroy a dangerous wreck that is drifting towards the World Navy base at Atlantica, but the effects of the champagne affect their senses; they are taken in by Captain Black, who switches their flight-plan and sends them to attack the World Navy complex. Captain Scarlet and Colonel White realise that they must stop their associates at any cost - even if it means blasting them out of the sky…

Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Donald Gray (Captain Black / Voice of the Mysterons), Liz Morgan (Rhapsody Angel / Destiny Angel / Nurse), Lian Shin (Harmony Angel), Jeremy Wilkin (Major Gravener), David Healy (Mitchell), Martin King (Baxter), Gary Files (Sergeant)

Directed by Alan Perry
Produced by Reg Hill
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
February 23rd, 1968 @ 5.25 pm - 5.55 pm

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Rhapsody Angel, Destiny Angel, Harmony Angel and Captain Black