Doctor Who Logo 'The Celestial Toymaker'
(4 Parts)
Story Code 'Y'

by Brian Hayles
(and Gerry Davis / Donald Tosh)
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises in the strange domain of the Toymaker, an evil extra-dimensional force that lives in a fantasy world. The Toymaker forces them to take part in his bizarre games - if they fail, he will make them his playthings forever. The Doctor is made to play the complex Trilogic game, whilst Steven and Dodo take part in deadly versions of 'Blind Man's Bluff'; 'Musical chairs' against the Heart family; 'Hunt the Key' in a kitchen; and against dancing dolls in a ballroom. Their final opponent is the sadistic schoolboy Cyril, against whom the play a game across electrified triangles; Cyril cheats and wins, but slips and electrifies himself. The Doctor completes the Trilogic game by imitating the Toymaker's voice, and he and his companions escape whilst the Toymaker's universe is destroyed. Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor clutchs his face in pain...

Hartnell (Dr Who), Peter Purves (Steven), Jackie Lane (Dodo), Michael Gough (Toymaker), Campbell Singer (Joey), Carmen Silvera (Clara / Queen of Hearts / Mrs Wiggs), Campbell Singer (Kings of Hearts / Sergeant Rugg), Peter Stephens (Knave of Hearts / Kitchen Boy / Cyril), Reg Lever (Joker); Beryl Braham, Ann Harrison, Delia Lindon (Dancers)

Produced by Innes Lloyd
Directed by Bill Sellars

'The Celestial Toyroom' - 2nd April, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
'The Hall of Dolls' - 9th April, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
'The Dancing Floor' - 16th April, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
'The Final Test' - 23rd April, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm

*Featuring the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo

*First appearance of the Toymaker

*Parts 1-3 are missing but audio recordings still exist

*Working titles: 'Doctor Who and the Toymaker' and 'The Trilogic Game'