Doctor Who Logo 'Children in Need' Preview:
'The Next Doctor'

by Russell T Davies
The Doctor, 'The Doctor'and Rosita

“I am the Doctor. Simply the Doctor. The one, the only, and the best!”

The TARDIS lands in London on Christmas Eve, 1851, where the Doctor is delighted to find himself in the middle of a snow-clad Victorian marketplace. Hearing his name cried out, the Doctor races to the aid of a terrified young black woman, standing before a door that is under attack from something dangerous trapped within. When the Doctor reassures the girl that he has answered her call she has no idea what he is talking about – she is calling for another man, a dapperly dressed adventurer who arrives on the scene and introduces himself as a Time Lord called the Doctor. As the doors burst open to reveal a savage, black furred creature with the head of a Cyberman, the Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and takes aim – just as the other ‘Doctor’ does the exactly same…

David Tennant (The Doctor), David Morrissey ('The Doctor'), Vellie Tshabalala (Rosita), Jordan Southwell (Urchin)

Directed by Andy Goddard
Produced by Susie Liggat
Executive Producer Russell T. Davies
A BBC Wales production

14th November 2008 @ 9.07pm

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor

*As part of 'Children in Need', the BBC showed an exclusive preview of the first two minutes of 'The Next Doctor' on Friday 14th November; the full, sixty-minute edition of 'The Next Doctor' transmitted on BBC1 on 25th December 2008