Clangers Logo 'The Brilliant Surprise'
by Daniel Postgate
The Clangers

When the Iron Chicken sees something heading towards the Clanger’s planet, she tells Tiny to inform her family, but doesn’t tell her why. Desperate to know what is coming, Tiny does what she is told, and soon Small, Mother, Granny, Major, the Soup Dragons, the Glow-Buzzers, the Hoots and even the Sky Moos are all eagerly awaiting the approaching object. But Tiny still doesn’t know what it is – just what could the surprise be?

Narrated by Michael Palin
Music composed by John Du Prez
Directed by Mole Hill and Chris Titchborne
Produced by Dan Maddicott

TX (CBeebies):
25th December 2015 @ 9.20 am

*Featuring Major Clanger, Mother Clanger, Small Clanger, Tiny Clanger and Granny Clanger