Doctor Who Logo 'Clara and the TARDIS'

by Stephen Moffat

In the middle of the night, Clara confronts the TARDIS console in a grumpy mood, demanding to know where the ship has hidden her bedroom. When the TARDIS appears to laugh at her, Clara wonders if it is jealous of her presence in the ship; the TARDIS responds by showing her pictures of all the other girls to travel with the Doctor, putting Clara in her place. Clara tries to bond with the TARDIS, assuring the ship that it will always have priority with the Doctor, but the time-space machine ignores her. Clara gives up and heads off to look for her bedroom, daring the TARDIS to do its worst. The ship rises to the challenge – and to Clara’s disbelief dozens of her future selves suddenly appear in the console room, all desperately searching for their long-lost bedroom…

Jenna Coleman (Clara)

Executive producer Steven Moffat

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor

*This two-minute scene was released on the Season 33 [7] DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets