Doctor Who Logo 'Cold Blood'
(Story Code 5.09)

by Chris Chibnall
The Doctor, Amy and Rory

“I don’t negotiate with apes. I’m going to send a clear message to the surface… your execution.” – Restac

Making their way through the Silurian city, the Doctor and Nasreen are intercepted by a squad of Silurian warriors and gassed into unconsciousness. Elsewhere, Amy gets a reprieve from her dissection when the Silurian scientist is called to investigate the new prisoners. Using a device pick-pocketed from the scientist, Amy frees herself and Mo and together they make their escape; heading through the tunnels, they discover a sealed chamber containing the frozen form of Mo’s son, Elliot; unable to free the boy, Amy promises to come back to rescue him later. Back on the surface, Tony visits the captive Alaya and offers her freedom in exchange for a cure to his infection; but Alaya just laughs, knowing that her venom from her sting is fatal – and that her death will trigger a war between her people and humanity. Back in the city, the ruthless Commander Restac orders her scientist, Malohkeh, to dissect the Doctor and Nasreen. But when the decontamination process for humans proves agony to the Doctor, Malohkeh becomes intrigued by his prisoner’s alien physiognomy and stops the procedure. Learning that the Silurians only retaliated against the drilling because it threatened the oxygen pockets above their city, the Doctor tries to reason with Restac; but the commander ignores him, and instead orders her warriors to begin preparations for his execution. Meanwhile, Amy and Mo come across more hibernation cubicles, each containing an armed Silurian warrior stranding on a power transport disc; taking a weapon each, the duo carry on through the city and soon find a massive chamber filled with hundreds of sleeping warriors armed for battle. Escorted through the city by Restac and her troops, the Doctor tells Nasreen how the Silurians went into hibernation millions of years ago to avoid what they believed to be an impending catastrophe – in fact the arrival of the Moon, as it aligned with Earth. Malohkeh is intrigued that the Doctor has met his kind before, but when Restac hears how that colony of reptiles were all killed she becomes even more incensed by the apes infesting her world. Back at the drilling project, Ambrose finds out about her father’s condition; taking up a taser gun she confronts Alaya and demands her help, but the Silurian warrior refuses, and deliberately goads the woman into killing her. As Restac and her warriors arrive at the city court with their prisoners, Amy and Mo step out of hiding and order their friends’ release at gunpoint; unfortunately, the duo are no match for the Silurian warriors: they are quickly overpowered, and chained up alongside the Doctor and Nasreen. Contacting the Drilling Project, Restac addresses Rory as the humans’ leader and orders the release of her sister, Alaya. When Rory tries to bluff it out, Restac orders Amy’s execution – but before her warriors can carry out their orders they are stopped by the timely arrival of Malohkeh and their leader, Eldane, who releases the prisoners and then dismisses Restac. After opening talks with the Earth reptiles, the Doctor instructs Rory and the others to take the Silurians’ transport discs down to the city, bringing Alaya with them; he then appoints Amy and Nasreen as humanity’s ambassadors, telling them that they are at a ‘temporal tipping point’, a pivotal moment in time that will change mankind’s future. Leaving his friends to begin discussions with Eldane over the sharing of the planet, the Doctor and Mo join Malohkeh as he releases Elliot from stasis. Eldane and Nasreen struggle to find common ground, but when Amy suggests the reptiles settle in Earth’s desert regions, the Silurian leader agrees, in exchange offering to share his people’s knowledge and technology. Meanwhile, Malohkeh is murdered after discovering that Restac is awakening more warriors from hibernation. When Rory and the others arrive in the city bearing the body of Alaya, the Doctor is furious that Ambrose has undermined his plans for peace. Seeing her sister’s corpse, Restac is distraught, and ignores the Doctor’s pleas to build a future with humanity. But Ambrose has worse news: she has instructed Tony to set the drill to restart in fifteen minutes, and unless she and the others are allowed to leave, the city will be destroyed. Flying into a rage, Restac orders her warriors to kill all the humans. As the council fills with gunfire, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to cause the warrior’s weapons to explode, and then uses the distraction to rush Amy, Rory, Eldane and the others to the safety of Malohkeh’s laboratory. Sealing the doors, the Doctor then examines Tony’s infection, and attributes it to a mutation. When the Doctor decides to use the Silurian control systems to send an energy pulse up the drill to blow up the rig, Eldane offers to help the humans’ escape by activating his city’s toxic fumigation system: the warning siren will instruct his people to return to their cryo-chambers, so most of his people will be safe – apart from Restac, and anyone choosing to remain with her. The Doctor instructs Eldane to ensure his people remain in hibernation for another thousand years, to awaken when mankind will be ready to share the planet. Learning that Eldane can cure him using the decontamination procedure, Tony elects to remain behind, knowing that with time running out he will have to go into hibernation; Nasreen decides to stay too, not wanting to leave the man she loves, and the new race she has discovered. As everyone says their goodbyes, Eldane activates the fumigation system – and as the alarm blares out across the city, the warriors desert Restac and return to their hibernation chambers. With the city filling with toxic gas, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, Mo, Elliot and Ambrose race to the TARDIS; but as everyone goes inside the ship, the Time Lord, Amy and Rory see a crack on a nearby wall: another of the space/time fissures like the one on Amy’s bedroom wall. With only minutes before the drill hits the city, the Doctor decides to investigate the crack, and by pushing his arm into the fissure he manages to retrieve a piece of shrapnel. At that moment Restac appears, crawling along the floor in agony, her body dying from the toxin; with her final breath she fires her weapon at the Doctor – but Rory jumps in the way, taking the brunt of the lethal blast. As his life ebbs away, Rory wonders how he saw his future self earlier, and then he dies in Amy’s arms. Amy is distraught, but before she can take her fiancé’s body back to the ship, energy floods out of the crack and envelops him. Dragging Amy into the TARDIS, the Doctor sets the controls and then encourages his friend to keep remembering Rory; but the effort is in vain: having been absorbed by the crack, Rory is erased from history, and Amy’s memories of him fade away…After a bumpy landing, the Doctor leads Amy, Ambrose, Mo and Elliot outside, where they are just in time to see the drill rig explode. A little later, after telling Ambrose to atone for her actions by ensuring Elliot grows up to be the best he can be, the Doctor bids farewell to the Northolders and then leads Amy back to the TARDIS. Amy is pleased to see they are being watched again: but this time, only her future self can be seen waving from a nearby hill. After Amy enters the ship the Doctor takes out the piece of shrapnel he pulled from the crack: a broken piece of the sign from the front of the TARDIS, its edges blacked from a terrible explosion…

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Neve McIntosh (Alaya / Commander Restac), Meera Syal (Nasreen Choudhly), Robert Pugh (Tony Mack), Nia Roberts (Ambrose Northolder), Richard Hop (Malohkeh), Stephen Moore (Eldane), Alun Raglan (Mo Northolder), Samuel Davies (Elliot Northolder)

Directed by Ashley Way
Produced by Peter Bennett
Executive Producers Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis
A BBC Wales production

TX (BBC 1 & BBC HD):
29th May 2010 @ 7.00 pm

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory

*Part two of a two part story

*This episode is slightly longer than normal, at fourty-six minutes duration

a crack in the universe...