Doctor Who Logo 'Colony in Space'
(6 Parts)
Story Code 'HHH'

by Malcolm Hulke
The Doctor

The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen their secret file on the Doomsday Weapon, and they decide to send the Doctor to retrieve it for them. They operate the TARDIS, transporting the Doctor and Jo to the planet Uxarieus, a desolate world, in the year 2472. Here they become involved in a dispute between some struggling colonists, who have left an overcrowded Earth and set out to make a life for themselves on a new world, and the crew of an Interplanetary Mining Corporation spaceship over the ownership rights to the planet. The colonists are suffering from crop failure, and are being attacked by giant lizards that strike at night. The TARDIS is stolen, and Jo kidnapped, by the planets' indigenous inhabitants, the Primitives. The Doctor discovers that the IMC miners, who have fitted a mining robot with giant claws, have in fact caused the giant lizards' attacks. He then finds that the Primitives, and their high priests, worship a machine that is tended by a diminutive creature known as the Guardian. Meanwhile, the Master arrives in his TARDIS, now in the form of a spaceship, and is himself disguised as an Adjudicator, sent from Earth to decide the fate of the planet. He forces the Doctor to take him to the Primitive's underground city, where they learn that the machine worshipped by the natives is actually the Doomsday Weapon, which is capable of destroying entire planets. The radiation emissions from the machine have brought about the decline of the Guardian's race, and are also responsible for the colonists' crop failures. The Doctor persuades the Guardian to destroy the weapon rather than let it fall into the Master's hands, and both Time Lords escape the city just as the machine explodes. As the Master escapes in his TARDIS, the colonists attack the IMC men, forcing them to surrender. The Doctor and Jo return to Earth in the TARDIS.

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Roger Delgado (Master), Nicholas Pennell (Winton), John Ringham (Ashe), David Webb (Leeson), Sheila Grant (Jane Leeson) , Roy Skelton (Norton), Helen Worth (Mary Ashe), John Line (Martin) , Mitzi Webster (Mrs. Martin), Pat Gorman (Primitive and Voice / Primitive), John Scott Martin (Robot); Peter Forbes-Robertson, John Baker, Graham Leaman (Time Lords) ; Bernard Kay (Caldwell), Morris Perry (Dent), Tony Caunter (Morgan), John Herrington (Holden), Stanley McGeagh (Allen), Pat Gorman (Long), John Tordoff (Alec Leeson), Norman Atkyns (Guardian), Roy Heymann (Alien Priest), Pat Gorman (Colonist)

Produced by Barry Letts
Directed by Michael Briant

Part 1 - 10th April, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 2 - 17th April, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 3 - 24th April, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 4 - 1st May, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 5 - 8th May, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 6 - 15th May, 1971 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm

*Featuring the Third Doctor and Jo

*Working title: 'Colony'

*Music heard in this episode: 'Tank' by Emerson, Lake and Palmer