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‘The Corridor People’ is probably one of the oddest – and certainly one of the most over-looked – telefantasy / thriller / black comedy / dramas ever seen on television. It follows the exploits of several larger-than-life characters, who, every week, become inextricably linked together in various criminal, nefarious and / or political plots. There’s the beautiful but manipulative Persian miliionairess Syrie Van Epp, (played with sultry scenery-chewing-ness by Elizabeth Shepherd, who almost replaced Honor Blackman in ‘The Avengers’); the double-dealing, Humphrey-Bogart-loving private-eye Phil Scrotty; long-suffering C.I.D. director Kronk; his secretary / assassin Miss Dunner; and his two cultured but sadistic henchmen, Inspector Blood and Sergeant Hound.

Although the producers seem to be trying to emulate ‘The Avengers’ and the more successful police shows of the time, the finished result looks more like a soap opera staged in a cheap theatre by a surrealist director and a bunch of overly-pretentious film students. That being said, the show is still highly entertaining, with a quirky, offbeat style complimented by some extraordinary dialogue (characters often break the fourth wall by speaking directly to camera), odd camera angles, striking lighting effects, and a minimum number of interestingly designed sets. Unfortunately, because audiences didn’t know what to make of such a radical departure from the norm, the series proved unpopular, and it was cancelled after just four episodes.

The Corridor People - Season 1

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