Doctor Who Logo 'The Curse of Fatal Death'

by Stephen Moffat
Jacket Illustration

The Doctor has something to tell his old enemy, the Master, and the two Time Lords arrange to meet on the planet Terserus, where the indigenous life forms communicate by modulating gastric emissions. There, the Doctor tells his companion Emma that he is retiring and will marry her, and he informs that Master that the two of them will then retire. The Master tries to kill the Doctor with several deadly traps, but the Doctor manages to avoid their perils, and instead the Master falls foul of them. The Doctor and Emma are finally captured by Daleks, who are in league with the Master, and learn of their plan to use a Zetronic beam which will give them control of the whole universe. The Doctor manages to convince the Master that he will be eliminated by the Daleks once his usefulness has ended - the Master draws the Daleks’ fire, and tricks them into destroying the Zetronic device controller. The Doctor is seemingly killed in the confusion; the Daleks have a change of heart, vowing to lead a life of peace in respect for their old enemy. After they have left, the Doctor regenerates, but a series of accidents causes him to keep regenerating, finally ending in the body of a beautiful woman. The Doctor no longer finds Emma attractive, and leaves arm in arm with the Master.

Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, Joanna Lumley (The Doctor); Julia Sawalha (Emma), Jonathan Pryce (The Master), Roy Skelton (Dalek Voices)
Directed by Sue Vertue

Parts 1-4 - 12th March, 1999

*Featuring a Future Doctor and Emma

*This is a four part parody shown as part of the telethon 'Comic Relief'

*The incarnation of the Doctor portrayed by Richard E. Grant is not viewed as being canonical