K-9 Logo 'The Custodians'
by Shayne Armstrong
and S.P. Krause
K-9 Cast

‘Little Green Men’ is a new virtual reality game that is sweeping the nation; it is the brainchild of a strange company that has designs on taking over the youth of the world. However, the game has a hidden secret: it has a link to a strange telepathic alien that turns humans into his own kind! K-9 and Starkey race to save Darius and Jorjie from being turned into scaly green creatures. Gryffen tries his best to save the youngsters as their condition worsens.

John Leeson (K-9 [Voice]), Robert Moloney (Professor Gryffen), Keegan Joyce (StarKey), Philippa Coulthard (Jorgie), Daniel Webber (Darius), Robyn Moore (June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Jared Robinson (Thorne)

Directed by James Bogle
Produced by Penny Wall, Richard Stewart and Simon Barnes
Executive Producers Jim Howell, Grant Bradley and Steve Robbins
Created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams

TX (UK Disney XD):
23rd May 2010 @ 4.00 pm

*Featuring K-9 MkI, Professor Gryffen, StarKey, Jorgie and Darius