Doctor Who Logo Cyberman 2:
Chapter 2

by James Swallow
Jacket Illustration

A secret war is raging; a war with no soldiers - only casualties…

Two species - one organic, one synthetic - face their greatest challenge to their existence: the cold logic and ancient power of the Cybermen. Earth lies trapped between oppression and destruction, and the future is shrouded in darkness. Plans are drawn and choices are made; but the hidden truth that lurks in the shadows may be more terrible than anyone could imagine...

Mark McDonnell (Liam Barnaby), Hannah Smith (Samantha Thorn), Barnaby Edwards (Paul Hunt), Jo Castleton (Hazel Trahn), Cal Jaggers (Becca Trahn), Milo Taggart (Yan), Toby Hadoke (Louis Richter), Martin Trent (Merced), Ian Hallard (Chessman), Jess Robinson (Janice Webb), Stuart Crossman (The News), Nicholas Briggs (The Cybermen / The Cyber-Planner)
Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the Cybermen

*A Big Finish Audio Production