Doctor Who Logo Cyberman 2:
Chapter 4

by James Swallow
Jacket Illustration

In the war for the future,

Fear is the only weapon.

The Cybermen are triumphant; nothing can stand in their way. First they will absorb mankind, and obliterate their android spawn; then they will stride the stars once more, to transform the galaxy into an empire of ice, flawless logic. The battle must end; only one race will emerge victorious...

Mark McDonnell (Liam Barnaby), Hannah Smith (Samantha Thorn), Barnaby Edwards (Paul Hunt), Jo Castleton (Hazel Trahn), Cal Jaggers (Becca Trahn), Milo Taggart (Yan), Toby Hadoke (Louis Richter), Martin Trent (Merced), Ian Hallard (Chessman), Jess Robinson (Janice Webb), Stuart Crossman (The News), Nicholas Briggs (The Cybermen / The Cyber-Planner)
Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the Cybermen

*A Big Finish Audio Production