Doctor Who Logo 'Doctor Who Live'

by Gareth Roberts
and Clayton Hickman
Doctor Who Live

Travelling showman Vorgenson gives his audience a display of his ‘Minimiser’ device, which contains his collection of various monsters faced by his hero, the Doctor. In a mad plan to capture the Doctor so that he can add him to his collection, Vorgenson creates a scenario to make his target believe the audience is in peril, by extracting Winston Churchill from World War II to create a paradox that threatens the present. However, Churchill manages to contact the Doctor and warn him of the trap. Learning that the Time Lord is rushing to the rescue, Vorgenson imprisons Churchill inside the Minimiser and then unleashes a troop of Judoon to find the Doctor – until things go wrong, and he is forced to return them to their prison. Contacting the audience via a viewscreen, the Doctor warns them that a group of Weeping Angels have escaped from the Minimiser; the creatures attack a squad of investigating policemen, before being imprisoned once again by Vorgenson. When the Doctor demands that the Minimiser be shut down, the showman refuses to listen – and then he succeeds in trapping his quarry inside the device. However, Vorgenson is not the real power at work here: the Daleks have been manipulating the showman, projecting the idea of the device into his dreams so that he will trap the Doctor for them. Removed from the Minimiser and imprisoned in a box on the stage, the Doctor manages to extract some upgraded Cybermen from the showman’s device, which he then sets against the Daleks. A battle ensues, and the Daleks are forced to retreat inside the Minimiser. After escaping from the box, the Doctor receives an apology from Vorganson; in response, the Doctor reveals that he has released all of the showman’s imprisoned monsters – except, that is, for the Daleks. When a lone Dalek appears and tries to attack, the Doctor uses the audience’s help to summon the TARDIS; the time-space ship overpowers the evil creature, sending it far away. The threat ended, the Doctor bids goodbye to the audience and then departs in the TARDIS…

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Nigel Planer (Vorgenson,), Nicholas Briggs (Winston Churchill / Voice of the Daleks),

Filmed Sequences Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Annabella Hurst-Brown
Executive Producers Steven Moffatt, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis

Tour Dates:
8/10/2010 - 10/10/2010 @ Wembley Arena, London
12/10/2010 - 13/10/2010 @ Sheffield Arena, Sheffield
15/10/2010 - 17/10/2010 @ Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow
18/10/2010 - 20/10/2010 @ National Indoor Arena, Birmingham
22/10/2010 - 24/10/2010 @ Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester
25/10/2010 - 26/10/2010 @ Trent FM Arena, Nottingham
28/10/2010 - 31/10/2010 @ Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff
2/11/2010 - 3/11/2010 @ Echo Arena Liverpool, Liverpool
6/11/2010 - 7/11/2010 @ Odyssey Arena, Belfast

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor