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He's the best,
He's the greatest,
He's the greatest secret agent in the world!
He's the ace,
He's amazing,
He's the strongest,
He's the quickest,
He's the best!
Danger Mouse!

Danger Mouse is the world’s greatest secret agent - a brilliant, fearless, heroic mouse suavely dressed in a white jump-suit and a black eye-patch. Voiced by TV legend David Jason (who also voiced the show's fourth-wall breaking Narrator, Isambard Sinclair), Danger Mouse is always willing to save the world from criminal masterminds and alien invaders, and no mission is too dangerous or too difficult for the white wonder, who believes in truth, justice, fair play, and just being jolly nice. Danger Mouse lives in a luxury penthouse flat at the top of a red post-box, situated on the corner of Baker Street, London. He is assisted - although that’s quite a loose interpretation of the word - by his faithful sidekick Ernest Penfold (played by Terry Scott), a loveable but particularly hapless hamster, who is terrified of nearly everything apart from sherbet dips and the occasional snooze. While Danger Mouse will fearlessly walk into the jaws of death, Penfold will usually be found scarpering in the opposite direction. But despite Penfold’s faults, he and Danger Mouse make an excellent team, and always manage to save the day. They are sent off on their adventures by their boss, Colonel K, a gruff and eccentric old Walrus who was also a highly-praised agent in his time. Like any good secret agent, Danger Mouse uses the best gadgets, has the best car ever in the shape of the Mark III Danger Car, and a speedy space ship known as the Space Hopper.

Danger Mouse’s arch enemy is Baron Silas Greenback (Edward Kelsey), a megalomaniacal frog who is constantly planning outlandish schemes as part of his ambition of total world domination. Greenback is assisted by his henchcrow Stilletto, a rather inept Italian hoodlum, and his pet caterpillar, Nero. Other villains include Count Duckula, the vampire fowl with a foul obsession with show business; El Loco, the mad Mexican bandit; J.J. Quark, a particularly bizarre alien; and the eccentric inventor Professor Crumhorn.

‘Danger Mouse’ began transmission in 1981, although two pilots were made two years earlier (sadly, only one of them is known to currently exist). It was made for ITV by Cosgrove Hall, written by the team of Brian Truman and Mike Harding, and ran for one-hundred and forty-seven episodes that spanned ten seasons, before ending in 1992. Repeats can still be found in the schedules of various channels, and it has since been released in all its glory on DVD.

In 2015 ‘Danger Mouse’ returned to our screens, this time on CBBC, in fifty brand-new episodes co-produced with FremantleMedia Kids & Family and animated by Boulder Media with Robert Cullen. The new show brought a new cast, with Alexander Armstrong in the title role, Kevin Eldon as Penfold and Stephen Fry as Colonel K. At long last, the world's greatest secret agent was back!

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