Doctor Who Logo 'Deadfall'
by Gary Russell
Jacket Illustration

Jason Kane, Bernice's former husband, is in trouble as usual. Having purloined what he believed to be the location of the legendary planet Ardethe from his ex-wife, he finds himself trapped on a barren rock in a desolate sector. And so, as escape seems quite hopeless, Jason activates the distress beacon he also stole.

Unfortunately, he doesn't quite get the assistance he expected. Instead, Chris Cwej, Benny's old friend, materialises in a bizarre underground chamber, and promptly has his mind wiped by the ancient equipment he has accidentally activated. Jason is still trapped on the planet, and he now has to look after an amnesiac.

However, isolation is the least of their worries. They have inadvertantly awakened something beneath the planet's surface - something that feeds on human brains. And when a prison ship full of hard-bitten women convicts arrives in orbit, the situation becomes even more complicated. Someone is pulling the strings and watching people die. It could be any one of the desperate prisoners, the reclusive crew or the suspicious governor. Jason doesn't know who is the true foe, and his trusty companion Chris doesn't even know his own name.

*Featuring Benny, Jason, Chris, Emile and Irving Braxiatel

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel