Doctor Who Logo 'Dead London'
(1 Part)

by Pat Mills
Jacket Illustration

Someone's playing with us. Manipulating time and space for their own ends.

The TARDIS lands in London. But which one? The Doctor and Lucie find themselves trapped in a maze of interlocking Londons from Roman times to the present day.

But they are not alone in this labyrinth: a killer is on their trail.

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Rupert Vansittart (Sepulchre / Magistrate / Judge Jeffreys / Bellman / Ketch / Blackout Killer / Archdruid / Street Seller / Passerby), Clare Buckfield (Spring-Heeled Sophie), Katarina Olsson (Yellow Beryl / Miss Olm / Young Drinker / Street Seller / Passerby), Richard Laing (Turnkey / Sergeant / Tram Driver / Clerk / Heckler / Policeman / Young Drinker / Street Seller / Guards / Band Leader), Duncan James (Street Seller / Passerby / Herald)

Directed by Barnaby Edwards

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucie

*Together with his writing partner John Wagner, Pat Mills co-wrote some of the first comic strips for 'Doctor Who Weekly' way back in 1979: 'The Iron Legion' (#1-8), 'City of the Damned' (#9-16), 'The Star Beast' (#19-26) and 'Dogs of Doom' (#27-34)

*A Big Finish Audio Production