The Sarah Jane Adventures Logo 'Deadly Download'
by Jason Arnopp
Jacket Illustration

Sarah Jane and friends battle a deadly computer virus in this exclusive audio story, read by Elisabeth Sladen.

Sarah Jane is in a Christmassy mood, but her cosy afternoon listening to carols is interrupted when Mr Smith suddenly announces that danger is imminent. The supercomputer has detected abnormal internet activity in the vicinity of Bannerman Road. Something alien is downloading into two PCs on the street - a computer virus over 50 times more destructive than any other on the planet.

Both residents were chatting online when they started the download: but who were they chatting to? And what does the mysterious chatterbox want?

It is up to Sarah Jane and friends to find out, before the deadly download takes over the Earth...

Elisabeth Sladen, who stars as Sarah Jane in the CBBC TV series, reads this exclusive audio story.

*Featuring Sarah Jane Smith, Luke, Clyde, Rani and Mr Smith

*This audio story was read by Elisabeth Sladen, and released on 4th November 2010