Doctor Who Logo 'Death is the Only Answer'

by the pupils of Oakley Junior School**
The Doctor and the writers

Overexcited at getting his fez back, the Doctor trips and inadvertently activates a control on the TARDIS console, causing the hat to dematerialise. Then things get even barmier: a time window suddenly opens in the middle of the Console Room, and from it steps the fez’s original owner, theoretical physicist and all-round genius Albert Einstein, now sporting said fez and looking very confused. Recognising the Doctor, Albert explains that he has been working on his own time machine, and after a lot of mishaps, he almost has it working. Albert believes that the final key to his success lies in the glass retort he is currently holding, which contains a bionic fusion liquid –but the Doctor remains unconvinced, even suspicious... Albert decides to use the Doctor’s laboratory equipment to analyse the fluid, but then something compels him to remove the stopper on the glass container – the green goo sprays onto Albert’s face, transforming him into an Ood! As the creature advances on the Doctor chanting “Death is the only answer”, the Doctor announces that his fob-watch is the real power source for the time machine, and then throws into the re-opened time window. As the Ood enters the time window to retrieve the watch, it is zapped with energy, counteracting its influence and restoring Albert back to normal (although a little singed around the edges, and very crazy hair!). After insisting that he keep Albert’s fez, the Doctor returns his friend to 18th September 1945, where the genius will have to go back to the drawing board with his time machine work. The Doctor resumes his travels – unaware that some of the Ood ooze is still inside the TARDIS…

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Nickolas Grace (Albert Einstein), Paul Kasey (Ood)

Directed by Jeremy Webb
Produced by Marcus Wilson
Executive Producers Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis
A BBC Wales production

TX (BBC 3):
1st October 2011 (within 'Doctor Who Confidential' @ 8.35pm - 9.20pm)

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor

**Written by Daniel Heaton, Katie Hossick, Adam Shephard and Ben Weston from Oakley Junior School, with assistance from their teacher Kevin Downing

*This four-minute mini-episode was shown on the same day as the 'Doctor Who' series finale, 'The Wedding of River Song' within 'Doctor Who Confidential'

*During the course of summer 2011, the BBC's Learning Department and 'Doctor Who Confidential' united to run a competition to promote creativity in schools, by writing a short 'Doctor Who' script featuring the Doctor, a monster and an adversary. The winning entry, 'Death is the Only Answer', was written by pupils of Oakley Junior School in Basingstoke, and was chosen by 'Doctor Who' head writer Steven Moffat, executive producers Beth Willis and Piers Wenger, and the Controller of BBC Learning, Saul Nassé.