Doctor Who Logo 'Death of the Doctor'
(Part 2)

by Russell T Davies
The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Jo and Mr Smith

The Claw Shansheeth blasts the Doctor with a deadly energy beam, forcing him to his knees. Meanwhile, on the red planet, a tall cylindrical device triggers Clyde’s Arton energy – and the startled boy immediately swaps places with the Doctor again. Surprised, the Shansheeth stop their attack, allowing Clyde to make a run for it along with Sarah, Jo, Rani and Santiago. Back on the alien world, the Doctor reactivates the device – and then swaps places with Clyde again, as everyone reaches the safety of Sarah and Jo’s quarters. Sealing the door just as the Shansheeth and Colonel Karim arrive outside, the Doctor then beams back to the red planet, this time taking Jo and Sarah with him. Knowing that she and the aliens have been found out, the Colonel gives the order to clear and seal the U.N.I.T. base, preferring to keep Clyde, Rani and Santiago trapped in their room; however, the trio are saved by the arrival of the Groske, who leads them through a handy ventilation shaft and back to his hideout. Back in the remembrance chamber, the Shansheeth prepare for “the coalescence”, and then unveil their other secret: hidden behind a curtain is the TARDIS! As the Doctor works on the transport device, he describes to Sarah and Jo how, after dropping off Amy and Rory on a honeymoon planet, he was lured to the Wasteland of the Crimson Heart by the Shansheeth, who then stole the TARDIS from him; marooned on the alien planet, the wily Time Lord created an escape route by making the transporter from spare parts scattered around the wasteland. Hearing that Jo is upset that he never returned to visit her, the Doctor explains that with all her wild adventures saving the ecology of the Earth, he was never able to catch up with her; however, the last time he was dying he made a point of going to see all his former companions, and is proud of all the good Jo has been doing. Back at the U.N.I.T. base, Clyde, Rani, Santiago and the Groske suddenly find themselves locked in – and when Colonel Karim turns on the heating vents, they realise that are about to be boiled alive! Having fixed his intergalactic transporter, the Doctor returns himself, Sarah and Jo to the base, arriving in time to hear the kids’ screams for help. However, as the Doctor rushes into the vent to save them, the Shansheeth appear and capture Sarah and Jo; faced with the dilemma on who to save, the Doctor chooses the kids, and it isn’t long before he has unlocked the vent and is leading Clyde, Rani and Santiago to safety. Sarah and Jo are taken to the remembrance chamber, where they learn that the Doctor’s death was part of a plan by the Shansheeth and the traitorous Colonel to get access to the TARDIS. Strapping the two women into a machine called the Memory Weave, the vulture-like aliens force their prisoners to recall the key to the TARDIS, so that the Weave can make a copy of the key out of their thoughts! The Claw Shansheeth explains that he and his fellows have presided over countless funerals, but now, with the aid of the TARDIS, they plan to embark on what they see as a noble quest to stop all death; but Sarah is horrified: by changing history, the misguided Shansheeth will wreck the entire universe! When the Shansheeth refuse to listen, Sarah tries reasoning with the Colonel, but she too won’t listen, as she wants to travel to the stars with the aliens. At that moment the Doctor and his friends arrive outside; unable to open the locked doors, the Time Lord offers his friends’ captors the real TARDIS key – but Colonel ignores him, believing it to be a trick. Unable to stop themselves, Sarah and Jo begin to recall all their times in the TARDIS… and a copy of the time/space ship’s key begins to form in the air above. But the Doctor has a plan, and using the communications system, he instructs Sarah and Jo to remember every single second of their time spent with him: this influx of memories causes the Weave to overload, and to the Colonel’s fury, the key dissipates. When Sarah begins goes on to recall her adventures with Luke, Clyde, Rani and Maria, and Jo starts to visualise her travels across the Earth, the Weave blows a circuit: it is about to explode, and Sarah and Jo are trapped inside! Luckily the Doctor has another idea, and he instructs his two friends to seal themselves inside the lead-lined casket that was his ‘coffin’. They are just in time: the Weave explodes, in a massive fireball blowing Colonel Karim and the Shansheeth to pieces! As the dust settles over the unscathed TARDIS, the Doctor, Clyde, Rani and Santiago open the casket, allowing Smith and Jones” to emerge from their hiding place. Some time later, the TARDIS materialises inside the attic at number 13, Bannerman Road. While Clyde and Rani introduce Santiago to Mr Smith, who explains how the Shansheeth were a rogue faction, and that the Wide Wing of the Shansheeth Nest have sent an apology, Sarah and Jo say their goodbyes to the Doctor; they then join the others in the attic, as they watch the TARDIS fade from sight once more… Afterwards, Clyde, Rani and Sarah see off Jo and Santiago as they set off for their latest adventure, this time to Norway via hovercraft. As they drive off, Sarah confides to her two friends that she looks up other ex-companions of the Doctor from time to time: Tegan, Ben and Polly, Harry, Dorothy, and Ian and Barbara Chesterton have all been doing their bit to save the world and its people – they are all ‘echoes’ of the Doctor, and with their work, the Doctor will never truly die…

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer), Anjli Mohindra (Rani Chandra), Alexander Armstrong (Mr Smith [Voice]), Matt Smith (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Jones), Finn Jones (Santiago Jones), Laila Rouass (Colonel Tia Karim), Jimmy Vee (Groske), Paul Kasey, Ruari Mears, Ben Ashley (Shansheeths), David Bradley (Voice of the Shansheeth), Toby Longworth (Additional Shansheeth Voices)

Directed by Ashley Way
Produced by Brian Minchin
Executive Producers Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Piers Wenger
A BBC Wales production

27th October 2010 CBBC @ 5.15 pm
29th October 2010 BBC 1 @ 4.30 pm

*Featuring Sarah Jane Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, Clyde, Rani, Mr Smith, Jo and Santiago

*Mythology rewritten: it was previously established that Time Lords can only regenerate twelve times, giving them thirteen bodies; however, the Doctor now tells Clyde that he can regenerate five hundred and seven times!