Doctor Who Logo 'The Defectors'
(4 Parts)

by Nicholas Briggs
Jacket Illustration

Jo Grant is shocked to find most of her colleagues are missing. Then she discovers that the Doctor has inexplicably changed.

But there’s no time to worry about it, as she and her misplaced Time Lord friend are whisked to the mysterious Delphin Isle on a matter of national security. There, they encounter a disturbingly odd form of local hospitality and learn of a highly classified incident that took place during the Cold War.

Why exactly have they been brought here? And what is the truth concerning the bodies in the harbour and the vast project being undertaken beneath a cloak of secrecy?

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo), Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates), Neil Roberts (Captain Cornelius), Barnaby Edwards (Commander Wingford), David Graham (Shedgerton), Rachel Bavidge (Europan Leader), Jez Fielder (Europan)

Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the the Seventh Doctor, the Third Doctor, Jo and Captain Mike Yates

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: this story takes place not long after 'The Three Doctors'