Doctor Who Logo 'Demon Quest'
Volume 3:
'A Shard of Ice'

(1 Part)

by Paul Magrs
Jacket Illustration

In the icy wastes of the Murgin Pass, the Doctor and Mike take refuge in a remote lodge alongside Albert Tiermann, storyteller to the king. But the owner’s hospitality is repaid with a grisly attack, and suddenly death is amongst the small party.

What is the significance of a book of fairy tales, one of which prophesies the Doctor’s encounter with an Ice Queen monster? What long-held secret is Albert Tiermann holding back? And what dark figure stalks the snowy mountainside

The answers to these questions add up to a terrifying encounter with a strangely familiar foe.

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), Susan Jameson (Mrs Wibbsey), Samuel West (Tiermann Tiermann), Carole Boyd (Frau Herz), Jan Francis (The Ice Queen), Tom Lawrence (Hans)

Produced and Directed by Kate Thomas

Release Date:
November 2010

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor, Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey

*Part three of a five part story

*A BBC audio production