Doctor Who Logo 'Destiny of the Daleks'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '5J'

by Terry Nation
The Doctor

After Romana decides to regenerate, and takes on the appearance of the Princess Astra of Atrios, the TARDIS randomiser takes her and the Doctor to a barren world. Here they learn that the Daleks are using explosives and humanoid slaves to excavate the planet for an undisclosed goal. Romana is captured, interrogated by the Daleks and forced to work in the mines, while the Doctor is captured by a race of beautiful androids known as the Movellans, led by Commander Sharrel. He discovers that the Movellans and the Daleks are at war, but both sides use logic to make their tactical decisions, and are both consequently locked in an impasse. The Doctor escapes from the Movellans with the aid of Tyssan, an escaped prisoner from the Dalek workforce. They head for the mines, where they meet up with Romana, who has managed to escape by pretending to be dead. They discover that the planet is in fact Skaro, and that the Daleks are attempting to find their creator, Davros, who was sealed in his control bunker many years ago, so that he can help them find a way to break the deadlock. The Movellans decide to force the Doctor to help them break the impasse, and they capture Romana, placing her inside a tube containing the Nova Device, a powerful explosive, in an effort to lure the Doctor back to them. They will then leave the planet, and detonate the bomb. The Daleks locate Davros in the ruins of the old Kaled city, his life support systems having kept him in suspended animation ever since his apparent death. Davros revives and determines that the way to break the stalemate is to introduce an element of intuition, and he sends a suicide squad of bomb-laden Daleks to destroy the Movellan ship. The Doctor returns to the Kaled city, where he tricks Davros into inadvertently detonating the bombs before they reach their target. He rescues Romana, and the two Time Lords and Tyssan manage to deactivate the Movellans. Davros is cryogenically frozen aboard their ship, so that Tyssan can take him to Earth to be put on trial for his crimes.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Lalla Ward (Romana), Tim Barlow (Tyssan), Peter Straker (Commander Sharrel), Suzanne Danielle (Agella), Tony Osoba (Lan); Mike Mungarvan, Cy Town (Dalek Operators); Roy Skelton (Dalek Voices), David Gooderson (Davros), Penny Casdagli (Jall), David Yip (Veldan), Cassandra (Movellan Guard)

Produced by Graham Williams
Directed by Ken Grieve

Part 1 - 1st September, 1979 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 2 - 8th September, 1979 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 3 - 15th September, 1979 @ 6.10pm - 6.35pm
Part 4 - 22nd September, 1979 @ 6.15pm - 6.40pm

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor, K-9 MKII and introducing the Second Romana