a Children's adventure novel, by Clive Banks

When the theft of a mysterious ancient artefact from the British Museum leaves the authorities baffled, Police Chief Inspector Baker turns to the famous bloodhound detective, Barrington Bones, for help.

But what promises to be a simple case of robbery turns out to be something far more complex, as Barrington and his trusty mongrel assistant Trevor quickly discover. It seems the item stolen was a segment of an ancient amulet of great power – and in the wrong hands it could cause chaos and devastation.

What is the secret of the living shadows that stalk the streets of London?

Who is the sinister man in black controlling them?

Who is Liz – is she friend or foe?

Will Trevor ever stop quivering in terror?

And how does a cat stuck up a tree fit in to all this??

Barrington and Trevor’s quest for answers leads them from a spooky graveyard at midnight to a descent into the murky sewers that lie deep beneath the capital. The dog detective duo soon find themselves caught up in a centuries-old battle between the forces of good and evil – with the lives of everyone in the world at stake…

Dog Detectives

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