Doctor Who Logo 'The Dominators'
(5 Parts)
Story Code 'TT'

by Norman Ashby
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises on an island on the planet Dulkis, where the Doctor and his companions that discover two alien Dominators, Navigator Rago and his subordinate, Toba, have secretly landed. The Dominators have captured some of the local Dulcians, and are forcing them to work as slave labour digging boreholes, and terrorising them with their deadly robot servants, the Quarks. The Doctor heads to the capital city to warn their leader, Senex, but the Dulcians are pacifists and refuse to retaliate; choosing to ignore the Doctor's warnings, some of them are captured. The Doctor discovers the Dominators' plan is to fire rockets down the boreholes causing an eruption of the planet's molten core - they will then drop an atomic seed capsule down one of the holes, turning Dulkis into a radioactive mass, which will be used to fuel the Dominators' spacefleet. Jamie and Senex's rebellious son Cully, become impatient and destroy a Quark, while the Dominators capture the Doctor and Zoe. By digging a tunnel, the Doctor intercepts the seed capsule as it is dropped, and conceals it in the Dominators' spaceship, which is then destroyed in the explosion. However, the TARDIS now lies in the path of a lava flow...

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Ronald Allen (Rago), Kenneth Ives (Toba), Arthur Cox (Cully), Philip Voss (Wahed), Malcolm Terris (Etnin), Nicolette Pendrell (Tolata), Felicity Gibson (Kando), Giles Block (Teel), Johnson Bayly (Balan); John Hicks, Gary Smith, Freddie Wilson (Quarks); Sheila Grant (Quark Voices), Walter Fitzgerald (Senex); John Cross, Ronald Mansell (Council Members); Alan Gerrard (Bovem), Brian Cant (Tensa)

Produced by Peter Bryant
Directed by Morris Barry

Part 1 - 10th August, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 2 - 17th August, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 3 - 24th August, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 4 - 31st August, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
Part 5 - 7th September, 1968 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm


*Working title: 'The Beautiful People'