Doctor Who Logo 'Doomsday'
(Story Code 2.13)

by Russell T Davies
The Doctor and Rose

“Cybermen plus Daleks. Together we could upgrade the universe.” – the Cyber Leader

As the four Daleks bear down on them, Rose uses her knowledge of the Time War as a bargaining chip to keep her, Mickey and Doctor Singh alive; determining that Rose is of potential value, the Black Dalek then gives the order for the removal from the Void Ship of a canister known as the Genesis Ark. In Torchwood’s control room, the Cyber-Leader uses Torchwood’s communication system to transmit a global message, instructing the world’s population to accept the upgrade that will transform them into Cybermen. All across the Earth, families cower in terror as Cybermen invade their homes and cities; legions of the mighty silver creatures stamp remorselessly onwards, easily shrugging off attacks from the armed forces. Watching from Torchwood Tower, the Doctor, Jackie, Yvonne and the Cyber Leader look on as humanity tries in vain to fight off the invaders. In the sphere room, the Daleks use their sucker-sticks to extract information from Singh’s brainwaves, learning of the Cyber takeover of Earth before the doctor’s lifeless husk falls to the floor; this activity of alien technology is detected by the Cyber Leader, who despatches two of his soldiers to investigate. When the Black Dalek sends one of its minions to confront the Cybermen, the Doctor sees appearance of his old enemies through Torchwood’s CCTV system; he immediately uses Jackie’s mobile phone to check that Rose is still alive, and when she answers, the Doctor overhears the Black Dalek’s referral to the Genesis Ark. The Cybermen propose an alliance, but the Dalek declines, shrugging off the metal warriors’ subsequent weapons fire and destroying them with ease. The Cyber Leader interprets this as an act of war, but the Black Dalek merely declares it to be “pest control”, before vowing to destroy all five million Cybermen on Earth. Seeing the Doctor’s image behind the Cyber Leader, the Black Dalek demands to know the man’s identity; Rose happily announces him to be the Doctor, something that the Daleks respond to with fear. The Cybermen take Jackie and Yvonne for Cyber conversion; as Jackie watches in terror, Yvonne steps into the conversion area and her brain is surgically removed from her body. As the Daleks activate the Genesis Ark, Rose and Mickey wonder why they are being kept alive. Meanwhile, soldiers materialise in the control room and immediately destroy the Cyber Leader and his troops: Jake and his men have arrived from the alternate Earth; as a Cyberman in the conversion area upgrades to become the next Cyber Leader, Jackie uses the distraction to escape. Jake explains that the alternate Earth’s Torchwood Institute created the equipment that he and his men are using to traverse dimensions; he then transports the Doctor back to the parallel world, where the Time Lord meets the alternate Pete Tyler. Mickey tells Rose that he has a device that allows him to return to the safety of the alternate Earth, but he won’t leave without her; Rose recalls her encounter with the Dalek in Utah, which used the energies she had gained from travelling through time to re-energise itself. The Black Dalek reveals that the Genesis Ark is not of Dalek design – it is the last remains of the Time Lords. Pete informs the Doctor that the Cybermen infiltrated Torchwood and used its equipment to map themselves onto Earth; however, although Pete’s world has been freed of Cybercontrol, and its president, Harriet Jones, has declared a time of peace and prosperity, the planet is steadily being torn apart by the forces unleashed by the breach. When the Doctor observes that the constant use of the freedom fighters’ dimensional devices is accelerating the problem, Pete asks for his help in saving his world. Returning to Earth, the Doctor phones Jackie to check that she is still alive; under cover of a paper white flag, he then surrenders to a squad of Cybermen. Learning that the Black Dalek needs her handprint to activate the Genesis Ark, a defiant Rose gloats that she destroyed the Dalek Emperor; enraged, the Black Dalek prepares to exterminate her, but it is interrupted by the arrival of the Doctor, once more wearing his 3D glasses. After a happy reunion with Rose and Mickey, the Time Lord taunts the four Daleks about their cowardly retreat from the Time War; but when the Daleks reveal that they have names - Thay, Jast, Caan and the leader, a black Dalek called Sec – the Doctor realises that they are the Cult of Skaro, a secret order that operated above the Emperor, which was charged with determining new ways of killing. Having refused to open the Ark, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to unseal the doors to the sphere room, allowing the Cybermen and Jake’s forces to blast their way in and open fire on the Daleks; in the confusion, Mickey is struck by a Cyberman and inadvertently touches the Genesis Ark, activating the device. Having destroyed all the attacking Cybermen, the Daleks begin the relocation of the activated Genesis Ark, which requires thirteen square miles to perform its function. While the Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Pete head into the depths of Torchwood, Jackie finds herself confronted by several Cybermen; to her surprise she is saved by Pete, and after an uncomfortable reunion, the two of them fall into each others’ arms. The four Daleks transport the Genesis Ark through Torchwood, wantonly destroying Cybermen and Jake’s soldiers as they go; as its troops are massacred, the Cyber Leader recalls all Cybermen in the vicinity to aid in the battle. Avoiding the crossfire in the Torchwood hangar, the Doctor manages to grab two alien gravity devices. While its three comrades engage in battle, the Black Dalek overrides the tower’s roof mechanism and flies outside with the Genesis Ark. The Doctor and his comrades follow, but they are too late: the Ark is a dimensionally transcendental Time Lord prison ship, and as the canister opens, it disgorges millions of Daleks across the skies over London. A massive war quickly breaks out across the capitol city, as the Dalek forces engage with those of the Cybermen – with humanity caught in the middle. Pete prepares to evacuate his team to his world, proposing to take Jackie with him, but the Doctor has a plan: his 3D glasses have allowed him to see “Void stuff” – radiation absorbed by those who have travelled through the dimensions – and have given him the idea to reactivate the breach and send the Daleks and Cybermen into the Void itself. However, the only problem is that the Doctor, Rose, Pete, Mickey and Jake will also be pulled into the Void, and so the only option is for them to return to the safety of the parallel Earth while the resourceful Time Lord remains behind to put his plan into operation. Rose immediately refuses to go, but the Doctor places a dimensional travel device around her neck, causing her to vanishe along with the others as they depart; stubborn as ever, Rose immediately reactivates it and returns to her friend’s side; the Doctor is furious, but soon admits defeat and shows her how to help. When the Cybermen return to the Torchwood control room they come face to face with the Cyberman that was Yvonne Hartman; having thrown off her Cyber-conditioning, Yvonne defends her territory to the last by opening fire on the metallic creatures. After activating the breach, the Doctor and Rose use the gravity devices to secure themselves against the incredible pull of the dimensional hole. All across the world, Daleks and Cybermen are yanked into the air and drawn rapidly towards Torchwood Tower, as they are unable to resist the inescapable pull of the Void; above the Tower, the Black Dalek realises that its plans have been thwarted and activates an emergency temporal shift… Then disaster strikes: one of the main levers in the control room fails, deactivating the breach. Rose manages to push the handle back into position, which reopens the portal, but as the last of the Daleks and Cybermen fall into the breach, her fingers slip… the Doctor cries out in anguish as his friend is drawn into the Void…but then Pete materialises, grabs Rose and jumps back home. As the breach seals itself, the Doctor and Rose – now in different universes – realise that there is no hope that they will ever be reunited again…

Some time later, Rose experiences a dream in which the Doctor calls to her. Together with her mother, Pete and Mickey, Rose travels hundreds of miles to the source of the Doctor’s ‘call’: Darlig Ulv Strandu - otherwise known as the Bad Wolf Bay in Norway. Here Rose walks out across the sand and waits… and soon sees a ghostly image of the Doctor before her. The Time Lord explains that he is channelling the power of a supernova through the TARDIS to project his image through a rapidly closing gap in the dimensions – he wants to say goodbye. Breaking down into tears, Rose tells the Doctor that her mother and Pete are expecting a baby, and that she is now working for Torchwood; the Doctor is pleased, remarking that back in her universe, Rose has now been declared officially dead. Knowing that she will never see him again, Rose tells the Doctor that she loves him; but just as the Time Lord is about to respond in kind, the gap closes, and he vanishes. All alone in the TARDIS, the Doctor’s tears are interrupted by an inexplicable sight: a woman dressed in a wedding dress has somehow appeared in his console room…

David Tennant (The Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler), Andrew Hayden-Smith (Jake Simmonds), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), Raji James Doctor (Rajesh Singh), Nick Briggs (Cyber-Voice / Dalek Voice), Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, Stuart Crossman, Anthony Spargo, Dan Barratt, David Hankinson (Dalek Operators), Catherine Tate (The Bride [Donna])

Directed by Graeme Harper
Produced by Phil Collinson
Executive Producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner
A BBC Wales production

8th July 2006 @ 7.00 pm

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Jackie, and introducing Donna Nobel

*Part 2 of a 2-part story

*Working title: 'Torchwood Falls'

*TARDISODE: A newsreader announces that with the country under attack from hoards of Cybermen, the government has declared a national state of emergency. But before she can give any more detail, Daleks invade the newsroom and exterminate the announcer… [Cast: Adrienne O'Sullivan (Presenter), Nick Briggs (Dalek Voice)]