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(Note: BBC production documentation refers to this season as 'Season 1'; I am also calling it 'Season 27', so that it continues the numbering from the 'Classic' seasons)
(Note: 45-minute episodes)

Title Format Info
The Oncoming Storm 'Big Finish:
The Churchill Years'
The Bleeding Heart 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
The Patchwork Pierrot BBC Books 'Tales of Terror' -
Human Conflict 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
I Was Churchill's Double 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
Rose BBC 1 TX -
(The Beast of Babylon) Puffin eBooks (Not canon)
The End of the World BBC 1 TX -
The Unquiet Dead BBC 1 TX -
Aliens of London (Part 1) BBC 1 TX -
World War Three (Part 2) BBC 1 TX -
The Window on the Moor 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
Dalek BBC 1 TX -
The Other Side 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
The Long Game BBC 1 TX -
The Red Bicycle BBC 'Twelve Doctors of Christmas' -
Father's Day BBC 1 TX -
The Clockwise Man BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
Winner Takes All BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
The Monsters Inside BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
100 - 100 Days of the Doctor 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
(Ninth Doctor cameo)
Retail Therapy 'Big Finish
Audio Adventures'
Wednesdays for Beginners Big Finish Audio -
The Empty Child (Part 1) BBC 1 TX -
The Doctor Dances (Part 2) BBC 1 TX -
Boom Town BBC 1 TX -
The Deviant Strain BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
Only Human BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
The Stealers of Dreams BBC 'Ninth Doctor Adventures' -
Destiny of the Doctor, Part 9: Night of the Whisper Big Finish/
AudioGO Audiobook
Bad Wolf (Part 1) BBC 1 TX -
The Parting of the Ways (Part 2) BBC 1 TX (Ninth Doctor regenerates
into Tenth Doctor)

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